Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: The Face Shop’s Face It Oil Cut Pore Powder Pact in NB23

Hey there, beauty friends!

I know I’ve been on hiatus for a while and most of the blog posts I have uploaded were mostly promotional materials.  That only meant one thing – I’m back to my normal “lawyering” work.  So that means I’m back to my busy schedule.  Sigh! 

But nevertheless, I’m back with a new review.  And I still find blogging as my way to de-stress.  If given a choice, I’d always gladly write about hair, or shoes, or lipsticks, rather than make tons of loan agreements. Ugh, I know, so boring! Sometimes though, I try to sneak in a few minutes to admire makeup online, like those I recently saw at ZALORA.  I didn’t know they have a beauty section and the wide array of gorgeous lipcolours at ZALORA are quite nice – and tempting. You should check them out. Haha!

So let’s get on with my review – this is actually one of the many The Face Shop products which I hoarded when I went to Seoul.  I tell you, it’s way cheaper in Korea, they offer more discounts, and they also give more freebies! I actually got this for 50% off than the regular price. Not bad, eh?

First things first -
Place bought: The Face Shop store in Seoul (particularly, in the Myeongdong area)
Price: in pesos, I only got this for around Php500-600.
Packaging: Light blue metallic compact, with mirror and puff.  It also comes with a transparent plastic cover to separate the puff from the powder itself.
Shade: NB23 (in MAC, I’m a NC30-35 and this is the shade closest to such)

Product description on the website says that it is an: 

"Oil-free compact adhering to the skin as light as air for clump-free make-up even after several touch-ups"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Friday, February 6, 2015

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Essence's Gel Liner in Miami's Ink

Eyeliners can either break or make your whole makeup look.  It usually completes your eye makeup, whatever shade you use.   Sometimes, on lazy days, wearing eyeliner alone will help enhance your eyes and distinguish it from your "wake-up" look. 

However, come the Holidays, you would want something fancier.  You know, something more than the usual range of black or brown shades.  Here's where this gel liner from Essence comes in.

Let's go to the specs, shall we?

Place bought: Essence stall at Watson's, SM Aura
Price: I think around Php300++.
Packaging: It's a gray glass pot.
Shade: Miami's Ink - it's a metallic or shimmery gray. 

Gray eyeliner? How about a shimmery and shiny eyeliner in "fifty shades" of gray?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: Shu Uemura’s Matte Lipstick in M PK 356

It's a bright pink!

Okay, I know it’s the fall season and I’m supposed to be wearing darker shades of lipsticks, or darker shades of makeup, at least.  But I just don’t know what came over me in having this “light colors” phase, most especially for the lips.  Maybe I’m going against the trend, or maybe I’m just simply loving the light, natural makeup look these days.  In fact, I think I'm having a summer makeup craving. 

With that, I have this perfect "summer" matte pink lipstick from Shu Uemura which I love wearing on those light makeup days. Actually, it’s my first Shu lippie and I’m glad I chose this color instead of the more popular matte reds from Shu.

Here are some of the details:

Place bought: I got this at the Duty Free store, so it’s cheaper.
Price: Php800-900 at the Duty Free store, but the regular price of Shu lipsticks are around Php1,200.
Packaging: Shu lipsticks are housed in clear tubes where you can see the actual product even with the cap on.
Shade: M PK 356 – Shu Uemura lipsticks are coded, such that M stands for Matte, and PK for Pink.  I guess the number is the code for the shade. 356 is a cool medium pink.

So, here’s the scoop: I love the matte texture of Shu lipsticks!  Usually, when we say matte lipsticks, we associate it with dry, chapped lips or with difficult to apply lipsticks.  You know, like those from MAC where you would need an extra effort in applying them because of the dry texture.  But was I surprised to find out that the matte lipsticks from Shu are of an entirely different breed. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: Etude House's Water Color Blusher No. 3

Hello there! How's your week goin' so far?

I've got a new product for you.  First, the details:

Place bought: Etude House, SM Megamall
Price: Php300++ (can't really remember, sorry!)
Packaging: in a handy tube
Shade: No.3 Apricot - it's a warm peach shade from the tube, but when applied, it does turn into apricot.

I really have not much to say about this liquid blush.  I had to admit, it was kinda a waste of money to get it, but at that time, I was really in a coral/orange blush phase.  So yeah, you get the picture... I wanted to try everything with those shades. 

The consistency is very runny, as you can see in my swatch.  You have to make at least 3 layers (using our fingers!) to make the color show on your skin.  In my experience, applying it over your powder is much better in making the shade visible rather than blending it into your BB cream or foundation.  It also makes it last longer, rather than applying directly onto your cheeks.  On me, I get about three hours of wear in a cool environment.  But outdoors, it will definitely fade faster. Layering it with a powder blush in the same shade will probably make the color last longer, but I haven't really tried that method yet.

However, I do love the dewy, almost glowing, effect it has once applied onto the skin.  I get a healthy sheen although my pores are also a bit visible.  

Overall, I think it would work as a cheek color when you're after the natural, dewy look and applying it every three to four hours isn't a problem to you.  This is definitely not for your heavy, night time makeup looks.  Also, it works better if your have clearer and smoother skin.

That's all for now!
Have a happy week ahead!