Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haul: NYX Eyeshadow Palettes

Remember what I told you on my first post ever?  I said that I just ordered 3 palettes from NYX's Runway Collection.  And they just arrived today!  What a way to cheer me up in this somewhat busy and crazy day at the office. So before going to sleep, I took some photos to show you my hauls.

Check these out:
Fresh out of their boxes, with the colors indicated/labelled outside the boxes.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Yep, named after that cult classic song.  These are all pretty neutrals in shimmer and matte shades. (teehee, that's me in the mirror!)

Versus - One part are all neutrals, while the other are all shades of violet or purple.  Definitely will be my go-to palette for doing purple eyes.

Secret World - This one are all a mixture of greens, browns and even orange! This is beginning to be my favorite, because all the colors just pop, yet blend together.

All of them together - aren't the colors pretty? All neutrals, yet with some shots of bold colors like green, orange and violet. 

All in all, I have 30 eyeshadows in 3 palettes.  Not bad at all, since I also got them for a discount in one Multiply seller's Midyear Makeup Sale.  They only cost Php.450.00 each.  And hey, I really did my research on all different online selling sites, and this is the cheapest so far, with all the palettes brand new and available.  So it's a good deal!  

I can't wait to wear them for work tomorrow.  Oh, and I also tried to swatch already some of the colors that intrigued me.  So far, all of them are pigmented.  But I have yet to test their staying power.

That'd be all for now!
Happy Wednesday tomorrow!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap Find: Eyebrow brush

At my recent trip to Watson's, I found this very cheap double-ended eyebrow brush from Marionnaud.  I've been reading a lot of good things about the brand's set of makeup brushes from blogs and other beauty websites.  And since I was only looking for one particular kind of brush that I can use for applying my eyebrow gel and powder, I grabbed this one right away.  Of course, I also checked the price - only for Php59.00.  It's a steal!

Slanted/Angled brush for more precise application - it's soft too!

Eyebrow comb at the other end

Another shot

Now, I don't have to use my MAC angled eyeliner brush anymore for defining my brows, because I have a better applicator.  By the way, the instruction at the back says that it should be washed first before using.  I guess that means it would ensure its cleanliness, and hopefully, its softness.  I can't wait to try this tomorrow.

That's all for now!

Friday, June 24, 2011


As my first official post here in my "beauty blog", let me just show you my wishlist for this year - lots of eyeshadow makeup palettes in neutral shades!!

This one is the 88 Warm Palette from Coastal Scents.  I'm still deciding if I really want to purchase this.

This one is from Nyx.  I already ordered for 3 of their 10pc ES Palette - the Versus, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Secret World. I can't wait to play with them all!

Lastly, this is what I really really crave for, but I'm on a budget right now.  That's why I just settled for the Nyx palettes, which cost way more affordable. But the colors are nice too right??  I hope someone abroad will bring me this.

That's it for now, till the next!!