Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Haul: NYX Eyeshadow Palettes

Remember what I told you on my first post ever?  I said that I just ordered 3 palettes from NYX's Runway Collection.  And they just arrived today!  What a way to cheer me up in this somewhat busy and crazy day at the office. So before going to sleep, I took some photos to show you my hauls.

Check these out:
Fresh out of their boxes, with the colors indicated/labelled outside the boxes.

Bohemian Rhapsody - Yep, named after that cult classic song.  These are all pretty neutrals in shimmer and matte shades. (teehee, that's me in the mirror!)

Versus - One part are all neutrals, while the other are all shades of violet or purple.  Definitely will be my go-to palette for doing purple eyes.

Secret World - This one are all a mixture of greens, browns and even orange! This is beginning to be my favorite, because all the colors just pop, yet blend together.

All of them together - aren't the colors pretty? All neutrals, yet with some shots of bold colors like green, orange and violet. 

All in all, I have 30 eyeshadows in 3 palettes.  Not bad at all, since I also got them for a discount in one Multiply seller's Midyear Makeup Sale.  They only cost Php.450.00 each.  And hey, I really did my research on all different online selling sites, and this is the cheapest so far, with all the palettes brand new and available.  So it's a good deal!  

I can't wait to wear them for work tomorrow.  Oh, and I also tried to swatch already some of the colors that intrigued me.  So far, all of them are pigmented.  But I have yet to test their staying power.

That'd be all for now!
Happy Wednesday tomorrow!

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