Friday, July 22, 2011

My Lazy Makeup Look

find the two shades of brown: one is matte, the other one shimmery
During random workdays, I always wake up rushing things in the morning, including putting some color on my pale face.  I am definitely not a morning person, such that when I still feel really sleepy in the morning, I just forego some of my makeup must-haves. What I do is to simply choose to apply them once I'm in my office, so I just pile what I need in my purse.

But on days when I have enough time, but just feel too lazy to be creative, I just make sure I have my eyebrows thoroughly lined, my face applied with sunblock and powder, plus two shades of eyeshadows for my eyelids.  No mascara, no eyeliners, no blush. That's it.

For this particular day, I chose two brown shades from my NYX Versus palette.

On my lids and creases: Applied the matte shade first, and then followed by the shimmery brown on top.
On my brows: E.L.F. eyebrow gel in brown
On my face: Faceshop's Aqua Tint BB Cream and Loose Powder

hair still wet, but I gotta go!

I took a picture when I arrived in my office.  The shadows are still there, whew!
Such a lazy day, I just let my hair dry in the car. But it looks nice, though.
I just remembered to apply lipcolor when I got to the office, so I just used whatever's in my makeup bag, which was Revlon's Color Stay lipstick in a reddish brown shade (forgot the name!).

That's it for this week.  It's TGIF tomorrow, time to party! Yey!

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