Saturday, July 16, 2011

Natural Hair Care

When environment-friendly and "natural" or "organic" products hit the market, it first felt that it was just a fad, with almost all brands venturing into the organics or natural way.  But the truth is that it was an attempt to make people realize the importance of preserving our Mother Earth.   It was also a way to initiate awareness on the good chemicals that Mother Nature has to offer, compared to those products made in the laboratories.  I've tried a few natural and organic products myself, but not all of them work as well as those that can be easily bought in the supermarkets.  Most natural or organic products that don't work for me are those made for the face.  Since I'm oily and get small pimples occasionally, I think I need more powerful chemicals to cleanse my face and natural products just don't work that well.  But lately, though, I've been using shampoos made out of natural ingredients.  I've discovered that although, natural or organic products don't work well on my face, they do work miraculously very well on my fine and limp hair.

The first I tried was one of Lush's solid shampoo bars called the "Ultimate Shine":
photo courtesy of Lush

At first use, it felt like it's literally stripping my hair of all the dirt and grime. Talk about being squeaky clean, literally! But after rinsing, it remains squeaky and somewhat hard to untangle.  So I use a good conditioner afterwards to make my strands soft again.   After my hair dries though, that's where the magic begins.  My hair instantly had more volume, although not a lot of shine, despite the name of the bar. I began using this everyday, and then up to twice a week, switching it with my other "natural" shampoos.  I get quite giddy when it's time to use it, because it lathers up really quickly and rinses off quickly as well. It works like a clear shampoo, that doesn't leave the hair oily.  Plus, it's economical because it's a bar - it could last for two months.  I still have mine in tact.  Maybe I'll try other variants soon.

Next, I also began using a locally-made brand called Human Nature.  What I used was their Strengthening Shampoos which double as body washes too. I can say that they also work really well on my  hair.
photo courtesy of Human Nature

The conditioner is best, so that's what I use now, instead of the usual Pantene. It also smells great too, although not the lingering smell that commercial conditioners have. Since their products are only available online and thru some resellers, I'm thinking of being a reseller myself. Oh by the way, I saw some variants of the shampoos already being sold in Shopwise though.  But not all their products are available there.  They also have mineral makeup, which are now being sold in Beauty Bar stores.  

I've yet to try other brands and variants of products made organically and naturally.  I'm also starting to like mineral foundations lately, but that's meant for another entry. Teehee.

That's be all for now!

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