Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Etude House's 55 Kissful Tint Chou

OK, this would be my first ever review here in my beauty blog.  Oh, I just have a thing for my "firsts" and my "lasts" things in life, so pardon me if I'll keep mentioning stuff like that.  I just think it adds some spice to life experiences in general. (Wow, deep. haha!)

So anyway, I'm reviewing this product because right now, it's what I'm loving among all the products I bought at Etude House. Oh, can I just say that I really like, no LOVE, Korean-made makeup cosmetics.  Not only are they suitable for my Asian skin and skin tone, but also because of the cute and quirky packaging.  I've tried most brands that reached our shores - Elianto, Faceshop, Beauty Credit, and now Etude House.  I like each brand for some specific products that they have.  In the case of Etude House, they have the nicest sets of lip and cheek stains. I already bought some other kinds, but this 55 Kissful Tint Chou is beginning to be my fave.

really long name for a lip stain

the price is quite reasonable enough

I wonder what the No. 55 stands for, I've yet to research on that.  Anyhow, I chose the cherry red shade, because I like my stains to be really red.  Let me tell you that my makeup obsession began with collecting and trying out different brands of lip and cheek stains, from high end to locally-made ones.  I like them on my cheeks, but I also like how they color my lips naturally.    However, some aren't really long-lasting, or to put it bluntly, do not really stain. After a few sips of water, my lips are pale again. But for this one, (let's call it No.55, because the name is really quite long) it can really stay put on my lips almost all day.  Plus, it isn't drying at all.  I compared this one to another famous lip tint from EH, which is the Fresh Cherry Tint and asked the SA about the difference.  She said that No.55 is oil-based, while the Fresh Cherry Tint is water-based.  That could explain why the No.55 is also very shiny and sticky upon application as it has the effect of a lip gloss, compared to the Cherry Tint. Some bloggers don't like this because it's sticky, but I don't really mind, as regular lipsticks can be sticky too.

a cool cherry pink shade
turns dark pink upon flash

It has a gel-like consistency, and is very buildable.  One coat will give you sheer color, while 2-3 coats will really deepen the color.  Usually for work, I apply my lipcolor in the morning, and then after lunch.  I really like how it stays put even after lunchtime.  By the time I leave the office, although the color has already faded a bit, there is indeed a stain that is left on my lips.  I have the just-bitten look on my lips, and I have to say, it also flatters my skin tone really well.  Not having found my Holy Grail when it comes to lip stains yet, I think that for now, this will be a regular in my purse.

My only complaints would be: (1) the smell, it gives off that chemical-ridden smell after a while; and (2) the packaging, it would be more hygienic if there was an applicator instead of using my finger, or putting the tube directly on the lips (eew!).

Here's a shot of me, wearing it after an hour:

Hope my thoughts were helpful. Till the next!

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