Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cheap Thrills: Barbie's Shimmer Powder Pink Glam

Barbie is just for little girls?? NOT! I'm a sucker for anything Barbie, even my car looks like a Barbie car. Look:

Haha! So anyways, check out what I found...

I was just looking around in Watson's Farmers' Cubao last Thursday, and was just planning on buying some mints, when I saw this product:

For only Php.89.00 - it's a steal!
It's like a pink blusher, with lots of glitters and shimmers in it.  I think it was ideally designed as a play makeup for little girls, because of its cute size.  

packed with a cute puff

look at all that pink!!!

Upon application on my hand, it's quite a sheer pale pink color, with lots of glitters.  I had to put more product to show that pink powder on my skin.  

Some swatches:

I had to put a little more product than intended, for the color to show

upon blending, the shimmers are still there!
Not bad for a play makeup, I say! I've tried this on my cheeks yesterday, and it looks like a cute shimmery pink on me.  Just had to watch out about applying it with that little puff, as it gets too much product making it look chalky on my cheeks.  As for staying power, I wasn't expecting much from it, but it did stay put for about 4 hours.  But then, that was probably mostly because I just stayed indoors.  

Being a sucker for anything pink, especially if it's Barbie-pink, this product is a thumbs up for me.  Barbie didn't let me down with this. I pretty much liked it! 

That's it for my Sunday blogging for today! Have a good week ahead! 

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