Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I forgot my lipstick!

"the no-lipstick look"

Ok, I'm blogging now because I have a few hours break, before the next meeting.  I just wanted to rant actually.  See my photo above? My face is all made-up, except for my lips. Gaah! I forgot to bring a lippy! 

I was rushing so early in the morning around 5:45am, and I wanted to be early because we currently have limited parking slots due to the renovation going on.  I just decided on bringing my makeup and doing my face when I get to the office.  So when I finally secured my parking slot, I rushed to the comfort room to do my thing, before we leave for the first meeting of the day.  Lo and behold, I forgot one essential item - a lippy! And I don't have a back-up on my desk, I threw it away already!

Needless to say, I had to do with what I have in my purse, my Maybelline tinted lipbalm:

you saved my day!

It didn't help much in the color department, but at least, my lips were shiny as if there was gloss (as shown in the photo above).

Lesson learned:  Always have a back-up in my work desk! Back-up for every basic item, I guess.  Back-up lippy, blush, and eyeliner.

Well, that's it for my frantic Tuesday.  Hope you're having a nicer start than me. :)

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