Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Emergency Makeup Stash + Quick Review on Fashion 21's Blush Stick

Remember my recent blog post about forgetting my lipstick one work day? That was quite dreadful (I know, I'm exaggerating a bit..lol!) Well, I didn't forget about that moment at all, such that during this weekend, I prepared my "emergency" make-up stash. (I was a Girl Scout before, ya know.) 

It only consists of the essentials: eyeshadows, blush & lipstick.  I have yet to include a multi-tasking eyeliner, to be used for both eyes and brows.

Here's my set for now:

backup, backup!!!

It consists of only three items: (1) my Aido Magic Lipstick in No.1, which I got only weeks ago; (2) my Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette in Black Forest (? still wonderin' why it's called that ?), and (3) a new item, a blush stick from Fashion 21 in No.3 shade.

Except for the Maybelline palette, the other two items are new.  For this palette, I think I only used it four times, and since it's being neglected in my makeup stash at home, might as well put it to good use as a back-up. The Aido magic lipstick is a lipstick and lipstain in one.  And as for the Fashion 21 Blush Stick, I'm gonna make a quick review here. Let's begin:

in shade no. 3


Place bought:  SM North Edsa, Department Store
Price: Php. 150.00 (about US $3)
Packaging:  Bright pink, twist up stick
Shade:  Light Pink with Shimmers

under natural light
(sorry, it's blurry, had too much coffee today. haha!)

after blending

1.  The shade gives off a light pink sheen to the cheeks.  I think this also makes a great highlighter over normal powder blushes.
2.  Application was smooth and the stick glides effortlessly.  What I did was to apply in dabbing motion, and then blend, blend, blend using my fingers.
3.  Since it's my emergency item, it has to be fool-proof, quick to apply, and easy to store. This one passes all categories.
4.  It gives off enough color and texture to the cheeks. Good enough for an emergency cheek color.
5. Very very affordable!

1. I don't like cream blushes, I find them gooey and sticky when I need to blend with my fingers. This one is kinda like that, that's why I just wipe my fingers off with tissue quickly.
2.  The color don't really last that long, only the shimmers remain after 2 hours or so.
3.  The packaging is made of cheap plastic, I think if I'm not careful while twisting, it might break easily.  (But this one is also reasonable, considering the price!)

For an emergency cheek color, this one makes the grade.  It's easy to store also in my makeup/toiletries kit, together with the rest of my stash.  So far, I like it for now.  Besides, it's not like I will be using it all the time.  It's only for my energency blusher.  But overall, I think it makes for a good 2-in-1 product: blush & highlighter. It's super cheap too!

Well, that's it for now. Maybe I'll do a makeup look using all three items next time.
See yah!!

(P.S. Did you notice my large photos lately?  I'm doing that from now on, since it shows the products in the photos better, dontchathink?)


  1. i love this blush! i got #7... but the only problem i have is that it doesnt last long. super bilis maalis. madali sya gamitin. i use marionaud n32 blush brush, just wet it by using spray bottle, the blend blend blend.

  2. u have to put a powder blush over a cream blush to make it last longer. hope this helps.


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