Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: The Body Shop's Shimmer Waves Highlighter in Blush

Are you a highlighter girl?


Place bought: The Body Shop store at Gateway Mall, Cubao.
Price:  I'm not so sure, because I got this on a promo for Php.1,500, together with one Lip & Cheek Stain. I guess it would be Php.750.00 being on a sale.
Packaging:  Sleek transparent plastic compact, with the descriptions at the back.
Shade: Blush - a pinky-peach shade with lotsa shimmers.

it says good for 36 months

under natural light

under a flash in LED macro shot

Let's see some swatches:

left: under LED
center: under natural light
right: the shimmers
Upon blending under both lights

1.  the shimmers aren't too loud, especially when blended.
2.  for me, it's a nice highlighter to be applied over a cheek tint or a simple powder blush
3.  packaging is great for me, you see all the colors instantly.
4.  can also double as a shimmer or highlighting eyeshadow, using the different colors separately.
5.  can be applied with fingers or a brush.

I have none, actually.
I seem to like this one.

OVERALL VERDICT:  Using highlighters is definitely beyond a girl's basic makeup essentials.  Only the real makeup junkies and gurus appreciate the overall effect it gives.  However, be it known that sometimes, color on the cheeks isn't enough.  To add some dimension, shimmers are necessary on certain parts of the face.  This highlighter from The Body Shop delivers just that.  With the price I paid, I'm getting my money's worth, as it could last me for a good 3 years.  There's so much product, it would probably take me longer than that to hit the pan. 

Ok, time to use this for tonight's events. Till the next!


  1. I love highlighters~ Especially on my T-zone =)
    Next time I am at The Body Shop, I would like to check this out~

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