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Review: ELF Studio Line Blushes in Tickled Pink and Blushing Rose

left: blushing rose;  right: tickled pink

Here's another review.  This time, it'll be all about the new blushes I got from my recent haul. Let's begin!


ELF Studio Line Blushes come in a variety of shades.  However, not all shades are available in the PH yet, and these two are the most accessible shades so far.  Well, maybe that's because they're both also really popular variants.

First off:

Place bought:  SM Cubao Department Store
Price: Php. 249.75 each
Shades: Blushing Rose
              Tickled Pink
Packaging:  Black Compact with built-in mirror, similar to NARS blushes.  Comes in a box upon purchase.

This is a 2-in-1 review, which means I'll show two products. Let's start with Tickled Pink.

The shade is a peachy-pink, matte tone.
MY CONCURRENCE:  Nice peachy-pink color that looks really great on my cheeks.  I think this is perfect as a compliment to the smoky eyes look, as it's not overwhelming at all.  The package is also really simple and sleek.  Not a bad blush for its price at all.  I first didn't like the peach hue, as I think peach colors tend to look orange on me.  However, this delivered really well, I had nice subtly flushed cheeks.  Staying power is great too, almost 5 hours in an AC room.

MY DISSENT:  The color requires a lot of building up before it actually shows in my face.  I also find that it's easier to apply it with fingers, than with a normal blush brush as I get to have more product on my fingers.  With the color buildable, this isn't a quick and convenient blush for those rushing in the morning to have their faces done. For quick color application, I suggest to just use the fingers to apply on the cheeks, and then use the brush for blending it in.  More photos coming:

a closer look

swatches on the right.  the light pink color is Tickled Pink.

Now, moving on with Blushing Rose.

The shade is darker than Tickled Pink, with gold glitters embedded in it.

MY CONCURRENCE:  This is really pigmented.  One swipe of my finger on the pan gives me a lot of product already.  The gold glitters really looks nice too, as I'm a girl who likes shimmers on my blushes.  Easy to apply, the blush can be applied easily and conveniently with a brush.  This is also a great color for contouring purposes.  It can also be applied with fingers, but with very light strokes.  The shade looks like a natural red on me, like a natural flush.  The glitters tend to come off after a while, so I guess it turns matte after.  As with Tickled Pink, the staying power is the same, around 4-5 hours.  

MY DISSENT:  Because it's pigmented, overdoing it on the cheeks might result to looking like a clown.  It becomes really red if you put too much.  So careful with the color.  Light sweeps on the cheeks is enough.  More photos coming up:

see those gold glitters??

again, swatches on the right, the darker color is Blushing Rose.

More swatches:

both photos taken under white artificial lights, no flash

And here's me trying out both blushes on my two cheeks, note the redder side of my face:

On left cheek: Tickled Pink
On right cheek:  Blushing Rose
(Oops, sorry for my undereyes, no concealer here. :))

OVERALL VERDICTS:  For both blushes, I think the price is just right.   You get enough amount of product with really great quality.  They're not chalky, nor cheap looking.  It's just a matter of knowing how to apply them.  These are great blushes to add in a collection.  As I rarely like peach colors, I was a bit surprised at how Tickled Pink looked on me.  As for Blushing Rose, I like my blushes red sometimes, too.  I'm still on the lookout for another pink blush, though.  From this brand, they also have one in a fuchsia pink shade, but haven't seen it yet.  

Well, that's it for now.  Hope you like the review ( 'cause I do! LOL!).


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