Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Ellana Minerals Powder Foundation and Some Thoughts on Mineral Makeup

Hey hey! Finally, I can do a blog post.  I missed two days of not blogging.  But it's Friday, that means less work for today. Therefore, it also means I can do some bloggin'.

For this review, I'm gonna show how much I dig these new mineral powders I got from a local brand, Ellana Minerals.  When I first heard about this local mineral makeup brand, I wasn't so sure I wanted to try.  Well, that was also my first thought when mineral makeup (MMU) was first introduced in the market.  I tried it, but it broke me out and left my skin blotchy and oily.  However, eventually, I learned that I had to have the proper tools (i.e. a good brush or a kabuki, etc.) and application techniques (i.e. primers, buffing, etc.) so I can reap the benefits that they all say about MMU (just Google for the benefits, but I'm sure you already know those, :)). I also first tried this one powder foundation from Neutrogena, which was packaged with a brush.  The basic idea was just to tap, and then brush away.  I later found that it wasn't the correct way to apply MMU.  That tool I bought was simply for re-touching, and not for having a good makeup base especially for an oily skin like mine. 

Moving on, I tried others, like the one from Beauty Treats.  It's also imported, and so far, I was able to work it.  So now, I found Ellana.  I searched thru blogs, and so far, I got great reviews.  So off I went to ask for some samples online first.

In the website, it says I'll get four sample shades, but I got one extra!
 I got a total of 5 products to try in small sachets: 2 powder foundations, 1 concealer, 1 blush, and 1 finishing powder.  I guess they weren't so sure about my exact shade, so I was sent 2 shades of the mineral foundation: French Vanilla & Hazelnut Latte.  French Vanilla was a little on the pink or cool shade, while Hazelnut Latte is yellow-based.  I wasn't able to try the other products yet, that's why this review is purely based on the foundation.  What I tried here was the Hazelnut Latte shade. Eventually, I liked it, so I thought of purchasing the real thing online.  But I found their stall in SM Makati, like what I said in my recent haul post.  I got the 4g Hazelnut Latte Perfect Blend Powder Foundation and a blush in Flirtation.

So let's go to the review.


let's focus on the one on the left

Place bought:
Price: Php.300.00 for a 4g tub.
Packaging:  Quite nice and manageable.
Shade:  Hazelnut Latte.  It's yellow based, which was perfect for my skin tone.

This was when I tried it.

Using it with my ELF Tickled Pink blush.
1.  very lightweight feel upon application
2.  easy to apply with a brush and easy to blend into the skin
3.  the shade matches my skin tone perfectly
4.  it masks my oiliness in about 4-5 hours in an AC environment
5.  can be layered on to get those light, medium and heavy coverage

1.  have to be careful about putting and layering so much, as it would cake on the surface of the skin
2.  have to be patient about application, MMUs aren't those for who are always on-the-go.
3.  Not easily accessible, as you have to purchase online, thru resellers, or during their weekend bazaars in selected SM malls (SM Makati, SM Marikina, SM Megamall).

OVERALL VERDICT:  This powder foundation I got from Ellana will definitely be a staple in my makeup stash.  It's affordable and yet a good quality product.  It's also local, so that's something to be proud of.  I have only one complaint overall about MMUs.  The packaging that they come with, you know those tubs or containers, maybe they should make those refillable - especially if we're buying locally-available products.  I find that it's such a waste to hoard many MMU cases, and yeah, you can recycle it by using it for something else, but I think it's way better if you can just bring it to the store, and you just buy for the refill. 

I'm not sure if there are brands doing this locally or abroad, but if there is, please enlighten me.  Wouldn't that be nice, being environment-friendly too, while being nice to the skin?? Just a thought.

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  1. Do you have a clearer picture of the foundations in French Vanilla and Hazelnut Latte?? I'm very confused on what to get because my shade is in between light to medium-light.

    1. hi.. sorry i dont have a clear photo. but I can tell you that Hazelnut Latte is more on the yellow side, while French Vanilla is more pinkish. My skin is medium light, and Hazelnut works better for me. :) thanks for dropping by!


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