Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: Revlon's "In the Red" Matte Lipstick

In the recent blog entry, I told you I was gonna make an extensive review of my new red lippy - Revlon's In the Red.  But to make things more interesting, I'd like to make my reviews injected with some legal jargons from now on, just for the fun of it.  Let's just say, I'm doing makeup reviews from a lawyer's point of view, like how Ms. Elle Woods would do it.  So here goes:


Revlon's In the Red Lipcolor is part of Revlon's Matte Lipstick Collection.  The formulation is described from the website as: 

"Ultra-creamy saturated lip color that delivers beautiful, lightweight matte color without any dryness, caking or fading."

It says that it promises to glide smoothly and effortlessly into the lips, providing glam looking shades that are straight from the runways.  

Place Bought:  Watson's in Gateway, Cubao
Price:  about Php.400.00++
Packaging:  in a black casing, with a see-through top cover so you can see the shade right away without opening it.
The Color: In the Red is in the form of a true red color.  Not bluish-red, and not too warm red.  From the collection, this is the one closest to the primary color red.

ISSUE:  Whether or not the lipstick is: (1) Long-lasting; (2) not drying; and (3) worthy to purchased again?


keeping the rest of my face bare

wearing it with just black eyeliner, mascara, and groomed brows


It is indeed long lasting, since it is matte.  It doesn't slide off the lips that easily.  However, even if it's matte, it definitely glides on very smoothly and is not drying on the lips at all.  True to its description from the website, it is indeed lightweight, doesn't cake or flake and stays put for about 8 hours, provided that it was applied well.  Since it is a true red hue, I think it's also flattering on other skin tones.  As for me, it really brightens my face and makes me look polished and glamorous at the same time.  Think old-Hollywood red lips.  It may be too strong as a red, but it's not too intimidating and vampy to wear at work.  Of course, the rest of the face must be kept bare to make the color stand out.  The color can also be layered on to get that deep blood red color.


The application may be too tedious to some, as the trick to applying smooth red lips without looking cheap and slutty is to know how to do it properly.   Even if it glides on easily on the lips, the color still has to be applied skillfully by using a lip liner first on bare lips, which helps keep the color from bleeding.  It also helps make the color last longer.  


Will definitely buy again, but I also want to try other brands. But for now, this is a good buy for girls like me, who's still experimenting with red lips.

Any thoughts? :)

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