Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Scent I love: Paris Hilton perfume

I know it's the end of summer, and we're now being invaded by several typhoons and storms almost weekly.  But my taste in scents and smells never ceases to be somewhat "summer-y".  I've always loved the sweet and fresh scents of perfumes or colognes that are infused with yummy smelling fruits or flowers.  I like how its gives off that sweet and innocent appeal, yet inducing subtle sexiness.  

So right now, I'm loving (and almost addicted to) this scent famously released by the equally famous Paris Hilton.  

photo from the website

According to the website http://www.parishiltonsite.net/fragrances.php, this yummy perfume was the first of many successful fragrances released and sold by Paris.  To give a most apt description, here's how the website describes the fragrance:

"At first scent, an ethereal halo of delicious Apple and juicy Peach. A luminous floral bouquet evolves with Mimosa, sheer Freesia and Jasmine petals. Warming down to a creamy texture of Sandalwood and Oakmoss laced with feminine Ylang-Ylang and a touch of sensual Phermones."

I really love how this smells on my skin.  It's not too sweet, and not too floral either.  It's kind to the nose, unlike those perfumes where if you spray too much, it gives off a strong heady fragrance.  This one, I just can't get enough of. It's sexy and sweet at the same time, almost like how Paris Hilton is. It also stays put on clothes and on my hair for the whole day.  When I run out, I will definitely buy this again! 

That'd be all for now.  Till the next post! :)

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  1. I really love that scent too! I use this for some occasions that I attended. :)

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