Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Wonders of Oil

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I have always been amazed by the many uses of this wonderful creation - Oil.  Be it the beauty oil, body oil, cooking oil or even the oil that is used as fuel for our vehicles.  It was such a wonderful discovery, that it has been the cause of many civil wars and political wars in our world history.  The discovery and later on, the many inventions of oil, led to its many different kinds and uses that are in reality, the main ingredients of almost anything created in the laboratories.  I will not bore you with the intricacies of the oil industries and how they affect the current state of affairs in countries because it what mostly dictates the growth of a country's economy.  This topic is more appropriate to be tackled in my other blog.  But for a beauty blog, let me talk about my fascination about the different uses of many oils and how they help achieve beauty, in every sense.

source: human heart nature website

 Have you read about my oil cleansing method yet? Right now, I honestly cannot believe how such plain oils (castor oil and olive oil) can be actually utilized to treat my super oily skin. I only knew Olive Oil to be an ingredient in my pasta sauces, and Castor Oil to be a laxative.  Whoever thought of putting them on the face, and accidentally discovering their amazing effects, is a complete genius! And then, there began the extensive list of other beauty oils that can be mixed together for the OCM - jojoba oil, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, etc.    Along with their other qualities (such as healing, moisturizing, whitening), these oils work together to help achieve beautiful skin.

And then, there are the body oils - eucalyptus, lavander, sweet almond, coconut oil, etc.- which are mostly used for body massages.  It also promotes body heat that are essential in helping to circulate the blood flow inside the body while having a soothing massage.  It also heals the skin while it is being gently absorbed. 

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What about baby oils? These kinds used to be my favorite, before I learned about the OCM.  I have many uses for them, like eye makeup remover, moisturizer, cleanser, etc.  Until now, I use this right after shower, instead of the usual body lotions.  I find that it is easier to apply right after shower and before drying off with a towel, than applying lotion when the skin is dry.  The wet skin absorbs the oil easily and I end up with fully moisturized skin.  As for removing my mascara, I rely on this one too. Besides, nothing could beat its cheap price!

source: wrinklecreamguide.org

  Lately, makeup afficionados like me are also discovering how beauty oils can  be used as face cleansers.  The trend was started by cult-favorite Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils, and then, several other brands began to follow.  As for these kinds of oils, I have yet to try this out.  I know how many women can attest to its great qualities, but the cheapskate in me just cannot attempt to buy one of these yet.  I mean, I get the same kind of cleansing effects from my tried-and-tested OCM oils, so why would I shell out extra bucks for this, right?

source: wikipedia.org

 To end, I just wanted to express my love for oils, despite my face being on the oily side. Haha, sounds like contradicting myself right? :) But hey, having an oily face will mean that I'm not prone to having wrinkles yet!  So that's a plus, I guess.  Kidding aside, I really love beauty oils and body oils and even those oils that make my car work, like this WD40 lubricant oil.  LOL!

They are indeed the greatest inventions ever! Hmm..makes me want to have my own collection of beauty oils. Now that's an idea! :))

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