Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Framed Makeup Look

With the storm blowing killer winds outside our office building and while still gathering up my guts to brave driving around the windy highways of the Metro, I'm here sitting infront of my office PC, doing some blogging first.  I still have a trip tomorrow to Palawan again. But with this typhoon still doing its landfall, I'm doubting if we'll ever be able to fly out tomorrow.

Anyways, moving on to blog about beauty...

In this makeup look, I'm focusing on how I do my makeup underneath my eyeglasses. Hence, the title of this post.  I began wearing eyeglasses when I got into law school.  Reading cases and staying up late studying all night had its toll on my eyes, so I went from 1.00 grade to 3.00 today.  I do wear contact lenses everyday, as evidenced in my FOTDs here.  But when my eyes are tired or I'm too lazy to fuss over wearing my contacts, I just stick to my reliable glasses.  I've used over 5-6 frames already, some got broken, some got dirty, and I also almost lost one.  Right now, I have 3 different frames.  But my most favorite is the one I got on sale from Sarabia Optical - my purple frames.  As you can see, it's the one I always wear lately.  It costs only 600 PHP, including the lenses! Cheap right?

Wearing eyeglasses, some girls just skip wearing any makeup altogether.  It could be bothersome too, as a girl would look like a geek anyway, with the frames covering her entire face.  But for me, wearing my frames is not an excuse not to be pretty. 

FACE:  The Face Shop's Aqua-Tinted BB Cream
Ellana Minerals Powder Foundation in Hazelnut Latte
ELF Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

EYES: ELF Concealer and Highlighter Duo
Styli-Style Automatic Eyeliner in Black
ELF Brush Brow in Gray for Eyebrows

LIPS: Maybelline Lip Balm
Etude House Kissful Tint Chou

My tricks:  For my eyes, I can usually skip the mascara and the eyeshadows.  But doing the eyebrows and defining the eyes is a must.  I think it's important to define the eyes, because it will be less noticeable with the eyeglasses.  If I do wear eyeshadows, it has to be neutrals or something light.  I skip mascara, because my lashes are long already.  They kinda stick to the frames, creating smudges on the glasses.  Definitely not pretty.

For the face, I just make sure I'm not oily and I apply a non-sticky base.  If there are too much product, they will just cake and stick to the frames of the eyeglasses.  Seeing my powder or foundation under the lower rims of my glasses makes me cringe. Same goes for the blush.  It has to be light powder, or sometimes, a cheek stain will do.

As for the lips, any color would do.  Anything that will make the face pop, stand out or brightened up will do well when applied on the lips.

So that's it!

Gotta go for now, this storm is making me hungry. We'll be going home soon, too.
Take care, everyone!

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