Friday, September 9, 2011

Frugal Friday

Hi ladies! My theme song for the day is the song by Rebecca Black. Oh yeah, let's get down on Friday! I bet you can almost hear the sounds of that song in your head right now too. Haha.

It's a Friday office day, but my boss isn't around. So while pretending to be studying some stuff, or before I really go into that, it's time for another makeup look.  Teehee.

In this FOTD, my title says "frugal" because most of the products I used here are so dirt cheap.

Face:  The Face Shop Aqua Tinted BB Cream
Kokuryu Summer Cake in Orange Blush*
The Face Shop Dewy Flower Moist Loose Powder

Cheeks: Barbie Shimmer Powder in Pink Glam*

Lips:  Maybelline Lipbalm*
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Siennas*

Eyes:  ELF Concealer/Highlighter Duo*
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
Eyebrowz Powder in Medium for my brows*

I like things that are cheap yet very effective.  I'm practical like that.  If I'll get the same quality from a much lower priced unpopular brand, then never mind the high-end brands with hefty price tags.  So I was happy to find cheap products, even local ones, that delivered very well.  For reference, the ones with asterisk (*) were the cheap products that I found very effective on me.  I can't believe that Kokuryu Summer Cake does wonders on my complexion too! Will be doing a review of that soon.

That's it for now!
Happy weekend!


  1. Hey, Majolica Majorca's mascara isn't dirt cheap. Haha! I love the look and I can't believe that the cake foundation looks so natural! :)

  2. Thanks Pammy! Haha, except for that one! :p


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