Sunday, September 11, 2011

H&M Leather Band giveaway

Another blog giveaway from the blogosphere!   These pretty trinkets add that much needed jolt of fashion to an otherwise boring outfit.

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The leather bands are straight from H&M, and who doesn't love H&M? I do!  I could get lost and spend hours in that store, haha!

To know more about the giveaway, check out Mar's giveaway here.

Her giveaway ends until the 30th of September 2011 and is also open to international readers.  So hurry, visit her blog now.

Good luck!


  1. Hello Chryztyne! Hmmm.. lovely bands. I've been to H&M in London a month ago and I haven't seen these pretties. I wonder why. I love these pieces and I want them all. Yayks!

    You have a great day! By the way, followed your blog.

    Kisses from Sweden!

    maxi of

  2. @MaxiVelasco: Thanks for droppin' by! Hope you joined the giveaway too!



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