Saturday, September 3, 2011

My haul from the Phil-Cosmetics Expo

Yesterday was the end of a busy week.  And what better way to deal with stress than to check out and buy new makeup! At equally cheap prices, I was in for a treat.  Thanks to the beauty bloggers I've been following, I was able to catch news about this event.  So off I went to SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall, right after work!

The place was really great, but this is the only shot I was able take of it.  I got so busy checkin out the stuffs, I forgot I had my camera with me.  There was also a hair & makeup contest taking place, and I got mesmerized by the pretty models who flaunted the center stage.  

Actually, my main purpose in checkin out the event was to buy some NYX lippies from Digital Traincase, which has a booth there.  I didn't want to spend extra for shipping by ordering online, so I thought it was waay better to just see the items on sale for the expo.  Besides, I was able to see the real colors of the round lipsticks pretty well.  I was also more after buying those soft matte lip creams, which ever since I've read from other beauty bloggers, I wanted to have all the colors myself.  Too bad, they weren't available yesterday yet.  The SA said the package for the new items haven't arrived yet.  Hopefully, they'll be available by Sunday.  Sadly, I was only able to get one shade in London.

Here are my haul photos:

 I also got a new magazine, but not from the expo though.
Soft matte lip cream in London (330 PHP); Round lipsticks in Sash, Power and Pink Lyric (150 PHP each)

Eyebrow powder from the US brand Eyebrowz (350 PHP)

Summer cake foundation from Kokuryu + beauty sponge (88 PHP + 53 PHP)

I'm quite excited to try out my new lipsticks from NYX! I tried the lip cream when I got home, it was a pretty nude color, perfect for the office! Though I still wish I can get more shades of that.  As for the eyebrow powder, I saw this from the booth of Dollface, where they sell huge palettes of eyeshadows, blushes & concealers.  I was always looking for a good eyebrow powder, because I find it easier to use than wax or pencil.  I think I got a good deal there, plus they also sell online thru Multiply, which is good if ever I liked it and wanted more.  And lastly, I got the cake foundation from Kokuryu in Orange Blush shade.  It's a different kind of foundation where one uses a wet sponge to apply it.  I find it interesting (and cheap too!), based on the reviews I read from GIRLTalk.  Still got to try it out though.

By the way, the Expo runs until tomorrow only, so better check out the great deals soon.

That's it for now. See yah!

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  1. Great haul! I've wanted to try NYX lippies too!


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