Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: Eyebrowz Powder in Medium Brown

Hi there. I've been so busy, I hardly had time to post an entry.  And now, I think I'm about to get sick, too. Oh wellsss...

Anyway, here's another review of a product that I seem to be liking a lot since I bought it.


Place bought:  at the Phil-Cosmetics Expo, in the Dollface booth.  But it's also available online thru multiply : evenbrows.multiply.com.  It's a US brand, so I bet it's also available in the US.

Price: 350 PHP
Packaging:  small black pot that comes with its own angled eyebrow brush
Shade:  Medium Brown, which I find matches my skin tone and hair perfectly.

More pictures and swatches:

with its small angled brush

with my own eyebrow brush from Marionnaud

with flash

in natural light

applied into my right eyebrow using the small brush

applied using my Marionnaud eyebrow brush
1.  Very easy to apply using either the brush that comes with it, or my own eyebrow brush.  Although, the small brush tends to create thicker lines, but it's still okay for me.
2.  Stays put for the rest of the day.  I use this for work, and my brows are still perfect come night time.
3.  Comes in many shades, but I chose the Medium Brown shade because it matches my hair color.  If you visit the site, you'll see that there are various shades for all sorts of needs.  Some powders are light-colored too, for those who wanted lighter-hued brows.  
4.  I find that powders are easier to work with when it comes to creating the perfect eyebrows. So I will stick with this pot, until it finishes.
5.  Very affordable, you get a lot of powder from that small pot.

1. Not easily available locally, as it is a US brand.  However, Even Brows is a reseller of all other Eyebrowz products, so I guess, you just have to order online.
2.  Powders could be messy in application, but I guess that could be remedied by knowing what tools to use.

Perfect!  That's actually my initial reaction when I first used this.  You see, I have sparse brows.  I grew up not minding them before, but now that I'm older, I notice that shaping and grooming my eyebrows actually freshen up my appearance.  And so, I was always looking for that perfect eyebrow pencil, gel, or wax.  In my search, although I still mostly rely on pencils (especially when I'm in a hurry!), I found out that using my brown or gray eyeshadows are better in shaping and crafting my brows.  Initially, I relied on my trusty shadows for filling in my brows.  But I also researched that there are specific powders that are used for the brows.  So when I stumbled upon this brand in that Expo, after knowing the very affordable price, I grabbed one immediately.  Now as you can see, my brows are testaments to how lovely this powder is.

Even Brows also have other eyebrow makeup products available. So just check the site and see for yourselves. 


  1. It's great that you found an eyebrow product that works for you! It's a plus that it stays on your brows for a long time. :)

  2. https://www.facebook.com/eyebrowstencils

    try also our Angled Brow Brush (P270.00), its bristles are way better than the mini brush that comes with the powder. =)


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