Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: The Face Shop's Dewy Flower Moist Loose Powder

You've seen most of my makeup looks using this product as my finishing powder.  Since I've been using this everyday, it's high time that it gets its own limelight via a review.


Place bought: The Face Shop at Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
Price:  around 600.00++ PHP.  (sorry, it's been a long time since I bought this last year. but definitely, it's not over a thousand pesos.)
Packaging: White cover with the logo, over a round plastic and transparent pot.  Comes with a separator/powder sifter and a puff.
Shade:  My shade is Natural Beige.

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the contents

with the puff

product details/information at the back

1.  Keeps my oiliness at bay by being a good finishing powder over foundation or even just over BB cream.
2.  Application is a breeze, I use a powder brush just like how I apply mineral foundation.  But on-the-go, I use the puff for quick touch-ups.
3.  Instantly freshens up and mattifies my skin.  The fine powder particles when applied to the skin does a good job in covering oiliness. 
4.  The shade also matches my skin tone very well.
5.  As for packaging, it's large enough to last until it expires in 24 months.  The 25g powder used everyday will really serve me well. It's a good deal also for the price.
6.  No irritating scent.

1.  As with other loose powders, touch-ups or re-application is required every 4-5 hours.  But I think that's already long enough, right?
2.  There may be other great products out there, but for now, I'm loving this one.  I have yet to finish it all up.
3.  Because it's very finely-milled, some product stick to the sifter that I had to dust them off back into the case.  It could also be quite messy sometimes.

I've always loved loose powders. I remember back in high school and college days when I only used loose powders on my face, and then on to some cheek color.  I was a fan of the now-phased-out Ponds loose powder in pink (remember those?).  Now that I'm all grown up, my penchant for loose powders will never go away.  It's a great beauty product to be used for quick touch-ups for the face.  I also think it's way more hygienic than using pressed powders where the puff accumulates bacteria from storage.  Although it could get messy at times, it's just part of the over-all exprience in applying loose powders.  All in all, I have no bad qualms about this product.  I'm sticking to it, until I finish the last particle.

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