Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: HHN's Love Minerals Blush in Pink Quartz

Good evening, ladies!  I hope everyone's safe and sound from the stormy weather yesterday and today.  As for me, my flight out to Palawan got cancelled.   I wanted to go home and sleep again, because I woke up really early, but the coding scheme was back so I just stayed in the office.  I wanted to do my blogging there, but I didn't bring my USB cord, so I'm doing it now before going to bed.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a brighter weather so we can finally go to Palawan (although, I'm also secretly happy we got cancelled- hehe).

Back to my blogging, this review will give the spotlight to Human Heart Nature's Love Minerals blush in Pink Quartz.  Out of all the three shades from their makeup line, this is the shade I liked the most so I tried it out first.

Let's begin.


Place bought:  HHN's Commonwealth Branch/Main Office.  However, this is also available in Beauty Bar, Rustan's and from HHN dealers.
Price:  225.00 PHP
Packaging:  Comes in a box, and housed in a gold, round plastic pot.
Shade: Pink Quartz - it appears like a muddy pink on the pan, with some shimmers on it.  

Here are more photos.

And here's a swatch on my hand:

1. This is a sheer-toned blush, so it can be layered on to achieve the desired color and effect.
2.  The shimmers aren't too loud or glittery so it was just enough that I think this can be used as a highlighter too.
3. I like the packaging - cute and classy at the same time.
4.  The shade is perfect for daytime wear.  I think it also falls into a nude pink hue.
5.  As with all other HHN makeup, this is free of the usual chemicals found in traditional/regular makeup.  No talc, parabens or mineral oil - just pure minerals.

1.  The texture and consistency is kinda difficult to work with.  A good blush brush is a must to blend the product onto the cheeks.  Using the fingers is okay, but I find that method un-hygienic.
2.  There's a slight unpleasant smell from the product.  I guess it's due to the mineral ingredients.  But it goes away after a while though.  But if you're sensitive when it comes to product scents, I wouldn't recommend this one because it slightly smells of clay.
3.  Most powder makeups are good for at least 24 months.  But this one, it's only good for 12 months, mainly because of the natural mineral ingredients.  I think that's also the reason why the product smells a bit bad, and if it would emit a more unpleasant smell in the future, that means the product isn't advisable to use anymore.  (Hmm, a good indication of its pending expiry date I guess.)

I love the color of the blush. I think this is a safe shade to be worn at work.  It's a grown-up shimmery pink.  My only problem is that it emits this clay-odor and the texture isn't easy to work with.  

But heads up! There's a new formulation coming up for all HHN makeup products SOON.  This time, no more unpleasant smell and hopefully, the texture would be better.  I guess they've perfected the formulation. Plus, they're coming up with new shades, too!  But for now, I'll try to work with this blush.  And if the new formulation is any good, I think I just might try that new one instead.

Well, that's about it for tonight.  Gotta catch an early flight tomorrow, so gotta go now!
See yah!!

* P.S. Did you notice the funky texts in my photos?  Well, I've been learning how to do those effects. Hopefully, I'll do more of these in my future posts. 

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