Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Human Nature's Love Minerals Natural Sheer Lip Soother in Island Kiss

Hey hey there! Here's another product review for you. 

I've been advocating the brand Human ♥Heart♥ Nature for a while now, and since I became a dealer, I had first-hand access to all the great products it offers.  I have yet to make a review of the mineral-based makeup that the brand offers, but for now, let me introduce you to a lip product that I've been toting around for a week now.

By the way, did I ever tell you that I'm a lipbalm addict? I think I made a post about that in my other blog.  I have tried different flavors, packaging, and textures.  I have them all around me everywhere I go.  I have two kinds in my purse, I have one on my nightstand, I keep one in the car and in my office drawer. I guess I'm just really hooked on having moisturized lips!

So anyway, moving on...


Place Bought:  Human ♥ Nature Main Office/Branch in Commonwealth, Quezon City (Human Nature products are available from your local dealers/sellers, online, or from their branches nationwide.)
Price:  Regular price is at 69.75 PHP, but I got it in a secret dealer's discount price *wink, wink*.
Packaging: Comes in a regular lipbalm plastic tube, with the label on it.
Shade:  Island Kiss, a reddish-brown shade with a slight shimmer

Let's see more photos:

Some swatches:

1.  Because it's a lipbalm, it moisturizes the lips well.
2.  It glides on smoothly without any tugging, and the tube itself is very buttery-soft.
3.  I like the shade, with some shimmers on it.  Although, it comes off a bit orange on me, I still like that I can just use this alone, without any lipstick.  It's sheer, but can be layered on to achieve the desired color.
4.  Very affordable for a tinted lipbalm, and smells good too (kinda minty).
5.  It leaves a sheer stain on the lips after several hours.

1.  It could be a bit sticky, when you layer too much.

I really like that it's made 100% natural.  The ingredients show that it's made up of all kinds of natural oils. It also has vitamin E, for that extra moisturizing factor.  I just wish that they can come up with other shades, like a cherry-red color or a pink shimmer color.  The reddish-brown shade just do not flatter me much, especially when I layer it on.  But it can still be used and mixed with my lipstick shades, so I guess it's not really a problem.

Well, that's it for today.  I have a lot of pending product reviews, I have yet to find the time to blog about all of them. 

Happy Thursday!!


  1. @jenny07_tm: no, it's not, dear. but you can buy it from dealers of Human Nature, or try Beauty Bar. better yet, order from me! lol!


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