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Review: Kokuryu Summer Cake Foundation in Orange Blush

Hellowee!! Been absent from blogging for the past few days.  I had another work trip out of town, plus I also got sick.  Still have those nasty colds actually.  But since it's my free time now, before I go to bed, let me post a review.


Place bought: SM Megamall's Phil-Cosmetics Expo Bazaar, but I know that this is also available in SM department stores.
Price:  The foundation in 25g costs only 88 PHP. The beauty sponge costs 50 PHP. (Very cheap, right?)
Packaging:  The small white pot comes in a box, and the sponge is encased in a plastic pouch.
Shade:  For a yellow-toned girl like me, my best shade recommended by the SAs was Orange Blush.  At first, it looked sooo orange and scary in the pan, but you'll soon find out that it's not scary at all.  It was also the more popular shade which I've read from GirlTalk and blogs.

Let's see more pics...

The foundation:

see how orange it is on its pan?
with directions on how to use at the back of the box

Here's the beauty sponge:

the sponge, with some of the foundation on it

This is a cake foundation, which means that it only works when applied wet.  You won't really get a swatch from the pan when it's dry.  You have to wet the beauty sponge, then rub it on to the foundation to get the product.  And then, pat it onto the skin lightly and gently, careful not to do any tugging.  Blend the product upwards, until it covers the whole face and neck.  It's quite refreshing to apply it, because it's wet on the face.  You have to wait till it dries, before you actually see the foundation on your skin.  

1.  It gives off a natural finish. It can also be layered on, depending on the amount of coverage you want. I usually just do the light coverage. And then, I finish off with loose powder.
2.  After it dries, the matte effect and the smooth effect is immediately visible on the skin.  The orange shade in the pan do not really look orange, but instead matches my skin tone well.
3.  It works on me well by making my face matte for a good 5 hours.  Evens out the skin tone, and removes oiliness.
4. It's cheap and readily available in department stores.

1.  It has a strong "perfumy" scent, that stays on even until it dries on my skin.  In the middle of the day, I can still faintly smell the scent.  This isn't a good factor for those sensitive to scents.
2.  It takes a long time to apply, because you have to wait for it to dry.  Plus, to keep things hygienic, I have to make sure I wash the sponge right after application.  Definitely something that's not for busy mornings like mine.  

Here's a photo of me after applying it on my face:

My recent makeup look with Kokuryu:

For a cheap product, I have nothing much to complain, except for the smell.  You might think that because it's cheap, it might contain harsh ingredients. But like most drugstore makeup brands, it also contains the usual  parabens, talc, and mineral oils.  So there's nothing new there.  I think that the reason it's cheap, is because they didn't spend much on packaging.  The brand Kokuryu actually originated in Japan, but the product itself is manufactured in the Philippines.  They also have skin care products, and based on the SAs during the bazaar, they now also have a facial center in Manila. 

I have read that some bloggers actually like this product, and swear by its optimum coverage.  I can actually agree with them.  I've used this for a whole week, and the coverage was really nice.  But if you always rush in the mornings like me, this isn't a good product for you as it takes some time to apply.  That means that waking up extra early to apply makeup would be necessary.  I have no issues about the smell so far, so I think I might just finish this pot.  I also found out that these are perfect for night outs, when a girl usually wanna look extra-made up.

Well, that's it for tonight. Till the next post!

UPDATE:  Due to the comments below, and the emails I get about Kokuryu, I'm happy to report that you can find them on Facebook (here's the link).  Ain't that sweet?  So any questions that you may have about them, you may contact their Facebook page.  I'm not in any way connected to them, so my opinions about the Summer Cake Foundation are purely such - personal opinions.  Also, for quick answer to the comments below, Kokuryu products are available at any department stores, Watson's or malls in the Philippines.

Thanks for reading my review. I truly appreciate it.


  1. anu po bang shade ung kakulay ng beige? kasi po nabili ko ung ORANGE BLUSH .. grabe !! super puti nya sa face ko .. anu po bang shade ung mas dark sa ORANGE BLUSH ? na kakulay po ng beige ?

  2. hi pams! thanks for visiting my blog.
    Im not sure about the other shades available, but you may wanna consult the SAs na lang. Tell them u need a shade for darker skintones like yours. Im sure they have something available. Good luck. :P

    1. is this hypoallergenic?

  3. where can i buy summer cake fondation (Orange Jade)

  4. i want know how i can contcat with this company

    1. hi mido, thanks for dropping by. Kokuryu has a Facebook account, just search for them there and contact them.

  5. Hmmmm... here is an interesting link, please check this out


  6. A make-up artist put this on me. It was great. :) Take a look at my blog. http://thehiddenstorybook.blogspot.com/

    xx, K <3

    1. The makeup artist did good, you look flawless!

  7. It is not suitable for sensitive skin. I reckon.

    1. I agree. Those with sensitive skin should be cautious when trying out un-conventional makeup products like this Summer Cake. Thanks for that observation.

  8. hello dear ,

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  9. can i buy it from u

    1. anonymous, what is your email address?

  10. sorry, peeps, but for the nth time - i'm not a seller of Kokuryu products. this post is simply a review, a personal review of the summer cake. you may check out their Facebook page, i think sellers are on that site.

    thanks so much!

  11. if anyone want to buy just contact me +63999-993 8727

  12. sis, ask ko lang if wer mo nabili to? kase bbili din ako hehe

    1. hi, sis. I got it during SM's Beauty Fair. But Kokuryu is available at SM department stores.

  13. Hi I'm interested to purchase Kokuryu product. Pls email me at srie_143@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  14. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Export-Kokuryu-Bedak-Arab-From-Philippines/346831868752404 send message for more info

  15. For Kokuryu buyers, visit: http://facebook.com/asianbeautyshoppe

  16. my sister and cousin have been using this for years..
    though we use and try other more expensive foundations, we found ourselves using kokuryu again, especially for our climate here in the philippines,
    it doesn't become cakey and light on skin.
    at super affordable

    so ok sya

  17. am i supposed to wet the sponge like odripping wet or like moist wet?

  18. Hi..ask lang po..isa akong call center agent..is it recommended to use it everyday sa work?..may eyebags ako..ano irerecomended mo sakin? I already have bought orange blush at saka powder ng kokuryu..

  19. hi there oily skin ksi ako hnd ko alam kung ano dapat na foundation for me? pa advice po?

  20. Looking forward to try this cake foundation :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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