Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rinny's Beauty Diary Giveaway

Do you love NYX cosmetics like me? And you want to get and try more of their products, yet having a hard time trying to order them online?

Here's a giveaway for more NYX products to add in your growing collection.  Click here for the details and Rinny's Beauty Diary blog post about all the products she's giving away.  

In this giveaway, sh'e also giving out these fab makeup products:

NYX Megashine Lipglosses

HD Grinding Powder

HD Grinding Blush

NYX Shadow Trio in Platinum Pink/Salmon/Jazzy Bronze

NYX Shadow Trio in Dune

Having read some blog reviews about it, I've always wanted to try their grinding blushes, but too bad, it's not sometimes always available locally.  Those Megashine Lipgloss are also great, very creamy and easy to apply.

Her giveaway is open to international readers, and ends at the 30th of September 2011.

Good luck!


  1. Wow, sounds like such a great giveaway I can try out for myself! Having one of my own too, hope you could join if you find the time! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. @Mar: Thanks for visiting! Good luck on the giveway too! :)


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