Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I miss my curls

This picture of Diane Kruger made me travel back to the days when I still had my long curls. Actually, that was only last year.

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I had my long curls for almost two years.  It was my solution to having volumized hair, because my hair is baby thin, making it look flat and limp.  I enjoyed having long curls for awhile as it had been such an attention-getter.  Since my hair is ash-brown in color, when light hits my head, my hair shines like it's a bit gold.  I love it when I get compliments from people, especially from guys.  Hence, I used to think that it gave me that extra-sexy appeal, too.  (Hehe.)

But having long curls isn't all that fab, mind you.  I had to use a different shampoo made especially for curly hair.  Plus, I need a lot of moisturizing conditioner.  After shower, I was careful not to rub my hair too much upon drying.  A simple pressing of the towel is enough.  And then, before combing my hair, I had to put another product - either a volumizing mousse, a hair cream, or a simple hair gel - just enough to keep my curls in tact and to avoid frizzing.   The only perk is that I need not use the blowdryer anymore, as curls look better when they're air-dried.  I also skip combing over my strands too much, because running my fingers through them would do. 

Here are a few photos of the time when I was still flipping my curls (circa 2009-2010).

sorry, it's a bit blurry. this was taken via a camera phone.

Hairstyling was a bit tedious, the only plus is that I can leave it to dry on its own.  Unfortunately, after two years, I had split-ends and dry hair.   I never had split-ends before, until I had my hair permed.  So I had to grow out my natural straight hair and cut the dried, permed layer.  So now, I'm sporting my inborn strands - ash brown straight, sometimes wavy, hair. 

Right now, I'm still thinking if I want to have another perm.  But this time, maybe I'll try out digital perm.  My curls before were made via a regular perm only, so I wanted to see the difference.  But until then, I'll just grow out my hair for now, and repair it from the damage it went through upon its previous perming.  I think all I can do now is sit back and just admire the pretty curls of other girls. 

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