Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LANEIGE Makeup Workshop

with my loot bag from Laneige

with brand ambassador: Actress Song Hye Kyo of Full House fame (in case you can't remember)

Where:  Shangrila Plaza Mall, 3rd floor, Laneige store
When: 10 October 2011
What:  A makeup/beauty/skincare workshop, featuring Laneige's products

I'm one very lucky blogger to be part of this event.  I just saw the tweet of my good friend way back in college that her friend was looking for beauty bloggers. I DM'ed her and asked about the details. So needless to say, thanks to her and to Ms. Katherine Baylon, Senior Assistant Brand Manager of Laneige, I was invited via email.

The event featured their own famous makeup artist named Mr. Min Hyuk Park, who showed us how the Koreans maintain their fairly good skin and how to apply makeup.  Despite his inability to speak English, and thanks to an interpreter, we were able to see how the model transformed into one pretty lady (although she was already pretty sans makeup).

Let me warn you, this post is gonna be photo-heavy. I just got carried away taking photos, it being my first blogger event. Hehe.

Here are some of the makeup products of Laneige:

pretty-hued eyeshadows

Snow Crystal Moisture Lipstick shades 

Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick shades


Laneige's new lip product:  Styling Lip Duo, a 2-in-1 lipstick and lipgloss

Laneige's own collection of makeup brushes -
I kinda like the big sponge tip eyeshadow brush

Laneige is famous for its skincare products,
addressing all kinds of skin problems and concerns

Moving on to the makeup workshop:

posing with Mr. Park, who carried my bag for me. Lol.
During the workshop, I learned a few new things. Mostly, they're all about skin care.  Some of the things I learned was how important it is to moisturize and hydrate the skin first before applying foundation/powder.  This is the key for avoiding the rough spots of the skin from showing up and to avoid caking.  Another important thing is the application of sunblock or sun protection.  With the sun's harsh rays, it is best to be armed with protection to avoid looking like a prune in the future. Of course, that's where skin discoloration begins.  One tip I learned is applying both moisturizer and sunblock through a foundation brush, to ensure that the product are spread out evenly onto the skin.  Lastly, I also learned how to apply highlighter the proper way, by going thru the "S shape" of the face.  I now notice how celebrities have that dewy look on TV, thanks to proper highlighting technique.  I'll probably do some post about that.

Finally, this event was even more wonderful because of the fellow beauty bloggers/makeup enthusiasts that I've met.

Me, Glacey, JorelleRJJes and Isha... (visit their blogs, too!)
Plus, our refreshments during the event.

Overall, this experience was really great.  I wish I can get invited to more events like these. Haha. Makes it worthy to leave my office for just one day. 

Again, thanks Laneige!


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