Friday, October 21, 2011

Lauren Conrad's Peach Hair Tips

Credits go to Allure
Finally, it's Friday and weekend is here! How's your Friday going on so far?

For this entry, I'm sharing a photo of Lauren Conrad's new hair color.  If you always browse Hollywood style websites, you definitely are aware that Lauren has always been quite adventurous when it comes to dye-ing her hair, or more specifically, her hair tips.  She has been seen having magenta and blue colors popping at her hair ends.  And now, she's trying out something new, and something extra pretty and sweet. Her hair tips are now peach!  Her blonde hair strands transitioning into peachy-pink hues at the end is just really so pretty.

Ain't her hair so cute?  Makes me wish I had blonde hair, too. Haha! I once tried dye-ing my left side bangs way back during law school days.  It was reddish pink.  It became a hit at school, my classmates liked it.  But it turned out to be a wrong move, too, because it made me more recognizable by our professors.  That means, always being one of the firsts to recite! But I still miss rocking that hair style, though.  Hey, but maybe since the Holiday season is coming up, maybe it's time to don some dyes on my hair once again.  However, it has to be really age appropriate and the color has to be subtle to be acceptable in my profession.  Hmm...let me think about that more.

Anyways, going back to Lauren, are you a fan of hers? Were you able to watch her in her reality tv series? I like her a bit, but more about liking her style. And she wears red lips really well.  Oh, and lastly, did you know that she has her own blog, too? Well, I always check out her page, it's really nice and lovely. If you wanna check it out yourself, click here.  And here's a screenshot of it:

Yeah, ok, I'm a fan. hehe.

So...that's about it for now.  Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend, ladies!

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