Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Freebies from the Laneige Beauty Event

First off, let me tell you that attending a beauty/makeup event is beyond my expectations from being a newbie beauty blogger.  I was simply enjoying writing about makeup and reviewing products for my own personal hobby/pleasure/past time.  So I was excited to know about the event via Twitter, through my college friend.  With her connections and all, finally, I was emailed an invite to this exclusive event.  I will actually do a separate post for that, since I have so many photos taken during the event. I really enjoyed the whole experience, although it was already fun being on leave from work in itself.  It was also fun meeting some fellow beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts like me.   

Laneige is a high-end Korean beauty and makeup brand.  The word "Laneige" actually means "snow" in French.  Most of their products focuses on giving moisturization and hydration to the skin, revealing a natural and luscious glow from within.  The brand infuses science and beauty by incorporating the study of snow and water into creating amazing skin care products.

Since I'm still editing some of the photos I took during the event, for now, I will just show off the pretty stuff I got from Laneige.

I got this cool makeup bag, with all the free goodies inside.

how the bag looks like inside- lotsa compartments!

So many goodies to try!

From Laneige's makeup line, I got these: a 5ml Multi-Function Mascara sample in black and a box of Snow Crystal Melting Glossy Lipstick in Floral Pink.

From Laneige's Skincare line, I got samples of their new skincare products (from left to right) -

- Water Bank Skin Refiner
- Water Bank Essence
- Water Bank Moisture Cream
- Laneige Snow BB Cream in Natural
- 3 sachets (in the background) of Water Sleeping Pack

I'm excited to try these goodies, especially the Water Sleeping Pack.  It promises to give the hydration and repair that the skin needs during sleep. I'll be giving a feedback on that soon.

Also, while browsing through the store, I found this.

I've been looking for something to minimize my large pores lately. This one's a mask and it costs 1,300 PHP. But for the event, they're offering a 10% discount from all products. I didn't have the guts to purchase it yet though, because I still have so many expenses right now. But maybe, when the right time comes and when the money comes pouring on me, I'll get to buy this one. (sayang lang for the discount, though.)

Well, that's it for today.  Watch out for the post about the Laneige Beauty Event soon.
See yah!!



  1. Wow! That was fast! I hope I can post mine within the week.

    It was nice meeting you! :)


  2. Lucky you! I have been a big fan of Laneige ever since I tried the sleeping water pack. I hope you'll love it as much as I do! You got some really great things :D

  3. Tried it before and its good but sadly its also expensive and they dont sell it here in Sydney. We only got to purchase when we went to Korea.

    Buti pa sa Pinas madaming ganyan. >_<


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