Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pampering Day

Thank God for the weekends!!! I cannot express just how much I enjoy it when I wake up early in the morning only to realize that it's actually a Saturday.  How cozy and happy it is to lay back on my bed and sleep some more until lunchtime, or until I'm not lazy enough to do my errands.  For today, my only errands were to pay the bills and have my new laptop fixed, so I just left the house at around 3pm.  After doing my thing, I realized that it's about time to treat myself for some feet pampering.  It's been a while since I visited my favorite nail salon - Posh Nails, so I was really glad I did today. 

At Posh Nails salon in Ali Mall, Cubao

OPI Nail Lacquers to choose from

I chose this shade - Deep violet and almost black.  I forgot the name of the shade, though.

The final work by Ate Letty.  The shade makes my feet appear whiter, dontchathink?

I love it when my toenails are fully polished.  I used to have my nails done every two weeks, or at least, once a month.  But I came to realize just how expensive it is to pamper myself because I usually go the whole way, you know, complete with a foot spa or a foot scrub and all.  But with my many expenses nowadays, I really can't afford the luxury of having my nails professionally done all the time.  However for today, I just had to do it, even just for my toenails.  Do you know how relaxing and stress-relieving it is to just sit down and have somebody do everything for you?  Well, I just really needed to release my stress.  I think having my nails done is way better than some retail therapy.  But then again, that's just me.

After my gig at the nail salon, I decided to go all-out in my pampering day.  So I went home today to try out my new facial mask from Garnier.  As I'm typing this post now, I just finished doing my face.  And I tell ya, it felt really great.  Now off to get more beauty sleep. 

To end, here's a photo of my products used for my face today:

My trusty Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash, HHN's Balancing Face Toner, Garnier Pure Self-Heating Sauna Mask (reviewing this soon!), and Celeteque Moisturizer

Ok, time to doze off now.  Goodnight and I hope you're having a blast.
See yah!!

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