Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Read the Label App from Human ♥ Nature

Credit goes to HHN website

Have you often wondered about how good the ingredients in our cosmetic products are?  Do you also seem to be curious about how safe these ingredients are, even if they claim to give you beautiful and nourished skin?  With the huge influx of mineral-made cosmetics today, you are probably one of the thousands of women wondering just how these cosmetics and beauty products that claim to be "safe" and "natural" truly work.  But we need not wonder any further and be curious even more, because now, we have something that can really help us.

Presenting, the READ THE LABEL App from Human Heart Nature.  This is a FIRST, coming from a 100% Pinoy brand.  This App can be downloaded FREE into any smartphone, including into your very own Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, or any Android devices.   Plus, even without a mobile device, this App can also be downloaded into your PC. 

Credit goes to HHN website

How does it work? Easy as a pie!  Once you have it into your preferred electronic device, simply type the name of the ingredient that you wish to research on in the ingredients dictionary.  A prompt screen will immediately show up, telling you whether the ingredient is either:

(1) Safe, labelled with a Heart,
(2) Low Risk, in a Green Button,
(3) Medium Risk, in a Yellow Button, and
(4) High Risk, labelled with a Skeleton.

How lovely, right?  You can actually try it right now, by clicking on the link, to see how it works for you.  And one more thing, downloading the application will also give you a chance to win amazing prizes from HHN, like a Trip to El Nido, Palawan!  There is also an ongoing Read the Label Challenge, where joining is also easy-breezy!

So aside from giving you wonderful products, HHN is expanding its business to give us more, so that we can all experience ONLY THE GOOD.  Isn't that amazing?

*Note: If ever you Ladies decide to download the App, and join the Challenge, please don't forget to credit me in the "Referrer Mobile Number" field form.  Just type these numbers in the field : 09167937094. (This is my own way of winning the challenge, you are welcome to do the same, too!)

** This post is not in any way sponsored by Human Heart Nature, and is solely a post personally made by me by virtue of my being a Dealer (and for the purpose of winning the challenge).

Kudos to HHN!

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