Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: The Face Shop's Matte Lipstick in PP401

Heya, ladies! Here's another review for a lippie.  And in case you're wondering, what's with all the lipstick reviews? Well, I just have a thing about them these days.  It's my quick way to brighten my face, given that I lately do not have time to prep my face.  So anyways, let's go to my review.

Place Bought:  The Face Shop store at Bonifacio High Street
Price: around 600 PHP ( I really forgot, it was only last year though.)
Packaging:  Comes in a navy blue transparent tube, made in plastic, with a metal tube to hold the lipstick.
Shade:  Light, almost pale bluish-pink that comes in a matte finish.

More pics?  Here you go...

Here's a quick swatch:

It's very pale pink, right?
1.  I love the shade of this lipstick.  Although, it's very pale and there's a tendency for it to look chalky on girls who have darker skin tones than mine.  But for me, it's quite flattering. And I love the almost lavender hue that it has on my lips.
2.  For a matte lipstick, this is very creamy, buttery and moisturizing.  It didn't dry out my lips at all, even sans lipbalm.
3.  For the price, it's worth it.  The tube could last me for at least 2 years, until it expires.  Very accessible in malls that has The Faceshop branches, too.
4.  Staying power is also great, it could last for at least 5 hours without drinking or eating.
5.  Because it has a creamy and soft texture, it glides on the lips effortlessly.

1.  I really have no qualms about this lipstick at all. I'm currently loving it.

Here's my other way of wearing it, aside from just swiping it alone on the lips:

I wear it with a glossy pink lipgloss like the one from Careline. It's also bluish pink, but brighter.

To see their differences, the PP401 appears pale compared to the lipgloss.
Right: Careline Lipgloss
Left:  PP401

The effect of wearing the gloss over the PP401 is that it appears shinier and brighter, as shown here:

 To show off, here's how it looks on my lips:

This lipstick is like Barbie-pink bright lips, that's why I really like it.  Think MAC's Pink Noveau (or maybe Saint Germain?).  Although I don't have that shade, the cool pink effect of that lippie is almost shown here with The Face Shop's PP401.  But of course, with the lipgloss, there's that added oomph.  I don't recommend this for office wear, though. It's so bright and shiny, you might distract your bosses during meetings.  This is better to be worn at night outs either to accent a smoky eye makeup look, or just a black eyeliner and loads of mascara swipes.

Well, that's it for tonight. Still have some contracts to review. (Whoa!? #Iknowright??)

Till the next!

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