Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: HHN's Love Minerals Lipstick in Sweet Nectar

Hi there, Ladies! Here's a review of the HHN mineral lipstick as promised.  Have fun viewing!

Place bought:  Human Heart Nature’s Commonwealth Branch (also available from dealers/resellers in Multiply)
Price:  225 PHP
Packaging:  Purple tube
Shade:  Sweet Nectar is a warm nude color that has a matte finish. No shimmers.

no flash

with flash

1.  It’s moisturizing, even if it becomes matte upon application.
2.  It’s a mineral lipstick, so I know that only the safest and finest ingredients are used to create this lipstick.  It's a 100% natural lipstick.
3.  Very soft and buttery upon application.
4.  The shade Sweet Nectar is perfect on my lips. It’s the nude shade that I’ve always been looking for.
5.  Affordable and available locally.

1. Because it’s so soft, the whole tube easily breaks from its case. I had to push it back down so it would stick again to the base. The result: I now have one messy lipstick tube.
2.  It smells like clay or wax or something like that.  It doesn’t bother me too much as the scent goes away upon application. But it could be bothersome for others sensitive to scents.

 Some swatches:

no flash
with flash

natural light

on me

I’ve noticed that almost all Human Heart Nature makeup products usually have a scent in them.  Maybe that’s the natural smell of the natural ingredients used in creating them.  Still, I like this one and I’m sticking to it until the tube completely messes up.  I’m liking the nude shade, it’s my MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick right now.  However, I really wish it’s not so soft, so I don’t have a hard time applying it while making sure that the product won’t break off and fall on the ground.  But then, maybe I just got a bad tube.  If this really breaks off, I’ll probably buy again solely because I like the shade of this.
Here's how my tube looks like now:

To see how I was able to rock this, click to see my recent makeup look.

It'll be a long weekend soon, and I sure can't wait for those long hours of sleep.  I have more reviews being prepared, so I'll probably be able to do all those too. Stay tuned.
So, what are your plans for the long weekend? I hope you have a blast. See yah!

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