Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review: Shawill's Retractable Face Powder Brush

Shawill is a new brand to me.  According to GirlTalkers, this is a brand made from China.  There is that notion going on that China-made makeup products aren't safe for the skin.  I don't know about that, I guess it also depends on how the products react to our different skin conditions.  However, I made some Googling and stumbled upon their website. It is a local brand, but the print on some of its products are in Korean.  So I'm still really confused as to the origin of the brand.

But this post isn't about the makeup products per se of Shawill. I will only review the retractable face brush that I bought.  Out of emergency purposes because of my constant work trips, I had to buy a new face brush a few weeks ago, because the one I use from Nichido began to become scratchy and the one from Estee Lauder smells kinda funky after washing it a few times.  So while it's still drying, I desperately needed to get a spare.

So during my trip to Watson's, I found this.

Let's go to my review.

Place Bought: Watson's, Market Market Mall, Taguig
Price:  150 PHP (about $2-3)
Packaging:  It comes in a black shiny tube, with white and pink dots on it. It's pretty cute.

Let's see a closer look.

1.   I like the packaging, instead of the boring and plain black or silver retractable tubes.
2.   Even if it's quite big, it still fits in my makeup kit.
3.  The brush is dense and soft enough.  It is made of synthetic fibers.
4.  I like the easily slidable/ rectractable packaging that makes the brush work two ways. I'll show ya in a bit.
5.   It's not that great, but with its price, it'll do for an everyday travel face brush.

1.  When I first washed this, there was a LOT of shedding and bleeding of the dye. I initially got worried, because I might be wasting my money for this, even if it's still cheap.  Plus, I really needed a new brush badly at that time for my trip and I got no time to look for a new one.
2.  Although the bristles are dense, it doesn't really get enough product upon swiping it onto one.  But I guess that's okay, as it becomes easily manageable to create my desired shade intensity.
3.  It dries longer than usual upon washing.
4.  It can be quite scratchy sometimes.

As I said earlier, the brush can work two ways:

First, sliding all the way to reveal the whole brush will make it an ordinary face powder brush that works okay for applying loose powders:

Second, open the brush halfway will reveal half of the brush bristles. This works in contouring or applying blush on the cheeks for a more defined application:

I won't purchase this again. Period. For a cheap product, it really is cheap in quality. I hate the shedding and it scratches my face when I use it for applying my blush.  I was actually comparing this to Marionnaud's retractable brush which costs double the price of this one. I'm regretting that I didn't get that one, it's softer and made of better quality for sure.  Honestly, I just purchased this one because I was on a budget then, noting that I still have other items to buy for my trip.  But I'm still toting this with me for now, until I find the time to buy a better retractable face brush.  I'll just go back to using some of my old reliable brushes, too.  The only likable thing about this brush are those cute dots.

Tsk, tsk. Such a bad review.

Well, that's it for now. See yah.

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