Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's your Signature Look?

For every makeup enthusiast or addict, there is probably that one feature of the face that she always loves to highlight.  And for that one particular feature, there is always that signature look or makeup look that complements it.  Be it the lips, the eyes, the eyebrows, or the cheekbones, the makeup addict, who's obsessed about always looking fabulous no matter the time of the day or the time of the month, wouldn't be ever caught dead going out into the streets and forgetting to polish up her most favored face feature. 


Speaking for myself, I think that my signature look has come to evolve as the years passed by, and as I become more and more knowledgeable (and not to mention, FASCINATED) with makeup.  In my college days, which were also the time that I was first involved in doing my makeup, my signature look would have been my rosy cheekbones. Thanks to our mom's beauty stash, I was introduced to my first ever blush from Revlon.  I shared that one with my sister, and together, we were known to be the trendsetters (at least, in our own circle of friends) for having that rosy cheeks look.  As the years went by, I moved on to cheek stains in deep berry shades, like the ones from Herbench and the cult favorite, Benetint. 

Later on, I also had my brown eyeliner phase, which was my signature look during my law school days.  My classmates would even notice that I look like I just woke up if ever I forgot to put my trusty Nichido dark brown eyeliner.  I guess it made the difference in making me look wide-awake, despite having slept for a mere four hours. 

Today, as I'm more into being professionally-made up, I'd have to say that my signature looks are slowly becoming more permanent and prominent.  I have two now: (1) my  dark brown eyebrows and (2) my lined eyes and fully-curled lashes.  I realize that I can't even bear leaving the house without touching up my brows at least.  They make me look more grown-up, I guess.  I came to notice these as I wake up and do my face every morning. Aside from the most important product, which is sunblock by the way, I always had to have my brows and my eyes lined and groomed at least.  And then, I'm okay with doing the rest of my face by the time I reach work.

What about you, girl?
What's your Signature Makeup Look?


  1. @Popblush - you should get it! so worth the price, I tell ya!


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