Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of the year again, where everyone in the world celebrates my birthday with me! Well, just to clue you in, my birthday falls on Christmas Day.  That is why I've always loved the Holidays.  Aside from the endless parties, yummy food, and get-togethers with friends, I also loved receiving gifts.  I have gifts for my birthday, and gifts for Christmas.  But sadly, when your birthday falls on such a very festive moment, some people also tend to forget.  "Oh wells".

But moving on, I'm doing this post just to make a shout out about the things I want for my birthday. More specifically, the makeup that I want to have by the end of the year.

1.  I want a MAC 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush. I know there are local versions and more affordable brushes like these in the market, but hey, I'm just wishing, so might as well go for the gold, right?

2.  MAC Lipsticks.  Any shade, any finish.  I don't own one yet, and whenever I go to the store to ask for a shade, it's always out of stock! Most especially, I want a tube of Ruby Woo and Chatterbox.

3.  NARS Blushes in Oasis and Mata Hari.  

4.  Any colorful eyeshadow palette.  I'm done with my lemming for neutral eyeshadows with my NYX Runway Palettes, so now, I'm going for more color. Maybe something from either Dollface, Lulu Makeup, or Coastal Scents.

So that's about all of it.  I wanted some Shu Uemura too, but any of these will already make me so happy.  And oh, a pair of new boots won't hurt, too. 

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