Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Facepainting Day

Hey, Girls! Today is Bonifacio Day. It’s a national holiday, which means no work for me! So instead, I went to attend the birthday party of the son of my friend. It’s a kiddie party, and it was also my first facepainting gig.  It was so fun, I didn’t realize how sweaty my face was. 

 The theme of the party was Sesame Street.  The place was very well decorated.  Here are some photos to document my gig. 

lots of Elmo floating around
Since it was my first try at facepainting art, I didn't want to invest too much on my materials, so I just relied on what's available in our local bookstores/art shops.  I also used some of my own makeup, like blush, eye shadows, eye pencils and some brushes and sponges.  I also created my own portfolio, which is the purple plastic folder filled with simple designs that I can do.

And here are my willing victims, in action with me:

I really had fun doing this.  I think I'm ready to do this as a regular thing, whenever my schedule permits.  It's also interesting to interact with kids and to talk to them while I do their faces.  In the meantime, I think I need to study more designs. And little by little, I have to buy quality facepainting art, like those from Kryolan.

To end, here's an Elmo cupcake for you!

I hope you had fun today, too. Till my next post!

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