Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: HHN's Love Minerals Lipsticks in Pink Skies & Earth Angel

Heya, Ladies! It's another Saturday night, and while I'm being lazy today from too much stuff goin' on, I'm posting another lipstick review.  But this time, I'm showcasing these two lovely shades from Human Heart Nature's Love Minerals makeup line - Pink Skies and Earth Angel.

Place Bought:  HHN's Main Branch in Commonwealth, Diliman, QC
Price:  225 PHP each
Packaging:  Comes in the usual purple tubes, with the shade names underneath.
Shades:  Pink Skies - is a very light nude pink shade, with a subtle shimmer;
              Earth Angel - is a reddish brown shade, which applies a bit matte.
              Both shades have warm/yellow undertones, which promises to work best with most Filipina skin tones.

More photos coming!

left: Pink Skies
right: Earth Angel

Pink Skies 

Earth Angel

Here are some swatches:

left: Pink Skies
right: Earth Angel
(under natural light)

with flash

1. I love these shades so much! I can't get enough of them.  Pink Skies (PS) appears nude on me and I like that it isn't orange-y and doesn't really wash me off. Meanwhile, Earth Angel (EA) appears a bit dark, sorta like brown on me, but I still like that it complements my skin tone well.
2.  They are moisturizing on the lips, no need for lip balms.
3.  No strong scent, smells like regular lipsticks.
4.  Because they are mineral lipsticks, I like that they are made of the safest and most natural ingredients.
5.  Expiration dates are easily seen on the boxes that come with them.
6.  Price is also reasonable, since these are mineral lipsticks.

1.  Consistency is okay.  They can be dry on the tube itself, but gliding them on the lips is manageable.  Although, I wish they were smoother in application.
2.  Tastes like wax a bit. Teehee. 
3.  Staying factor is so-so.  It easily transfers to your glass upon drinking.  

I love the shades of these lipsticks. Works like the best nude lipsticks for me.  However, I still wish that the consistency and application can be improved further.  But overall, these work for me as my everyday lipsticks. Perfect for office wear, although EA can be dark on me.  I think EA works best on olive skin-toned girls, while PS works on fair skin tones.  I find myself reaching for these tubes most of the time lately.  It suits my everyday neutral eye makeup, without looking too pale or too made up.

Well, I guess that ends my very extensive review of HHN's lipsticks.  Till my next post!

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