Monday, November 7, 2011

Review: Majolica Majorca's Perfect Automatic Eyeliner in Gray

Hellowee!! How's the long weekend hittin' you so far? It's only a few hours to go before it'd be another crazy week.  And so, to start off this week, let me share this review.


Place bought:  Majolica Majorca counter, SM Department Store, Makati
Price:  around 650 PHP, I think.
Packaging:  Comes in a twist up stick/tube with an eyeliner brush.  One or two clicks or twists will give enough product to the bristles.
Shade: Gray - grayish hue with some subtle shimmers

Let's see more photos, shall we?

1.  Easy to apply because of the twist up mechanism. 
2.  No sharpening needed, and because you only deposit just enough product on the brush, it also prevents it from drying up.
3. No annoying scent.
4.  It's also actually cool to the skin (upper lashline) upon application. The brush is soft, too. (unless you poke your eyes!)
5.  The subtle shimmers make the grayish color of the eyeliner pop.
6.  Dries up fast enough, around 5 seconds.
7.  Easy to remove with a good eye makeup remover, or just baby oil.

1.  There may not be enough product in the tube itself, so I think that for the price, it's not really reasonable.  
2.  This is not a recommended product for girls who are used to the traditional pencil for eyeliners.  Expert hands, that are more familiar with liquid eyeliners, are essential to work this eyeliner better.
3.  Because it dries up fast, this is not for smudging nor for creating that smoky lined eye makeup look.

Here's how it looks on the eye:

I am currently enjoying this eyeliner.  It is conveniently stashed in my travel makeup kit, for quick and emergency eye makeup fixes.  Although, because it's liquid eyeliner, it requires some getting used to upon application, such as - waiting time for the product to dry on the eyes before swiping another layer, and being careful to aim into the perfect spot to prevent mistakes (and poking the eyes, of course!).  But I also like that it's easier to clean up or remove than my usual retractable eyeliner.  The shade is also subtle enough for office wear, and I think I can easily have my winged eyeliner look without being too scary in the office. However, because it's quite expensive for an eyeliner, I don't think I will purchase this again.  Nevertheless, I'm happy to just be able to finish this tube up.

Well, that's it for a Monday night.  
See yah!

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  1. I have this one in a purple shade and I like it =)


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