Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Sivanna Face Shining Bake Powder

Heya, girls! Sorry for not posting as much as I was able to do before.  I really aim to blog at least once a day.  However, life and work gets in the way.  I am so swamped right now, and being in this state of too much stress is creating such a dent in my wallet.  For proof, just last week, I was able to buy my first NARS blush – all in just a whim! But I won’t spill anything about that, as it deserves its own special entry.

So anyway, let’s move on with my review for today.  This is a blush review, featuring a brand that originates from Bangkok, Thailand: Sivanna Cosmetics.  I got this blush as part of a makeup stash as “pasalubong” or gifts from my Tita’s recent Bangkok trip.  I chose to review this first, because it is the most interesting in the bunch.

Place bought:  Boots Pharmacy in Bangkok, Thailand
Price:  Honestly, I really don’t know.  But I will get back on that after further research.
Packaging:  Encased in a round blush compact that is the size of a normal face powder.  Think of a MAC blush, only it’s larger.
Shade:  at the back of the casing, it says “04”.  For me, that translates to a light pink and slightly peach shade with warm undertones, with lots and lots of shimmer due to the striped white shimmer powders that comes with it.  It’s a baked blush, so the colors tend to be mixed.

More photos after the jump!

no flash

with flash

Swatches next!

no flash

with flash


1.       The shade is quite nice, it has a very nice sheen to it. The color is sheer and buildable.   
    2.  Works both as a blush and a highlighter for me.  Upon proper blending, the shimmer kinda becomes tamer, avoiding the look of a disco ball.

3.     The big casing ensures that it will probably take me years to finish this.  Anything that gives me a lot of product is a thumbs up for me.

1.      Staying power isn’t that much. 

2.     Needs proper blending for the color to appear pretty on the cheeks. Otherwise, all you  get on your cheeks are shimmer.

3.      Not really a dissent, but an observation:  this is not suitable for office makeup.

4.     Not really that pigmented, so several swipes are needed for gals who prefer pigmented and bright blushes.

5.      Not easily available locally.

For a drugstore blush made from Thailand, this is not really that bad.  It works for me as a highlighter and a sheer tone blush.  It’s perfect for accenting a smoky eye. It is best to be worn during parties or night outs, but definitely not for the office setting.  I find myself wearing this blush during the weekends.  It works great for giving my cheeks definition even when I’m on an errand.  Blending properly to remove excess shimmer is a must, but I think that part is fine with me. 

That'd be all for tonight. More reviews coming as soon as I have more free time.

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  1. it's 3 dollars in Thailand i just buy it and i find your review this brand is verry sheep like ELF in usa i think


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