Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stackable Lipsticks

I finally found a way to organize and stack my growing pile of lipsticks.

I found this mini-drawer organizer in the Daiso/Japan Home section of SM Supermarket. For only 99 PHP, it's an affordable way to make my lipsticks more visible and more convenient to locate.

Before all my lip products are in here:

Admittedly, it's an awfully difficult way to locate the lipstick that I wanna wear for the day.  So I was really thinking of an easy way to organize without spending too much.

Finally, I found this:


The drawers are also removable, so it's easy to clean up.  What's even better is that a regular-sized lipstick fits perfectly well into the drawers.  The only con is that my lip glosses and lip stains, which are usually longer than regular lipsticks, just won't fit.  So they remain in the old canister.  However, my lipsticks are now all visible.  

I feel like I'm in a makeup counter now, because the lipsticks are neatly organized.  If ever I grow an even bigger pile, another organizer like this would definitely look great in my vanity.

How about you, how do you organize your lipsticks??

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  1. there is makeup organizer in landmark which cost i think is less than 300php which looks very professional glass looking..ahaha :)


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