Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Haul: New Lippies from my KL trip


I've been on a one-week long absence from blogging.  That's because I went on vacation!  As my birthday/Christmas treat to myself this year, I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my sister, and Auntie and Uncle who came home from the US.  I have loads of photos to share from that trip, but I'd rather do that in my personal blog. 

As this is a beauty blog, I will do a post about the lippies I bought from my trip.  It's not a lot, just three wonderful colors from the brand Essence, which isn't available in Manila.  I've read tons of reviews about this brand from other beauty bloggers, and I was curious about it when I saw the brand's booth from KL's local Watson's store. 

Pictured above - I got a lipstick with the shade Sparkling Angel (the nude lipstick) , and two lipglosses in the shades of I like Cotton Candy (the pinkish purple shade)  and Candy Bar (the warm pinkish coral shade).

Upon arriving at the hotel, I couldn't help doing swatch photos of them.  Once I opened each lippie, most especially the lipglosses, I was surrounded with a sweet candy scent.  Here are quick photo swatches of them -

from left - Essence Sparkling Angel lipstick, Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in Candy Bar, and Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in I Like Cotton Candy

I will be doing a more extensive review of all these in the near future.  But so far, this I got to say - I wish I purchased more colors, especially those of the Stay With Me Lipglosses.  They are very, very pigmented and not sticky on the lips at all.  Plus, they are also very affordable. Too bad, I wasn't able to grab a lot of 'em.

However, if you girls are curious about them, here's a link to a more detailed review of the lipglosses from Karen's Makeup and Beauty Blog.  It's actually from her that I learned about the brand, and I was glad to find out that we share the same favorite shades from this line. 

By the way, I also got a lot of new makeup as gifts from the US.  And I'm currently going through them and doing swatches.  I can't wait to share my take on all of them.  I will be doing that soon. But that's about it for now. 

See yah!

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