Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Hits

As the year comes to a heart-pounding conclusion, let me share with you my hits and misses for the year 2011.  That is, my hits and misses when it comes to all things beauty and makeup.  I've only began beauty bloggin' in June of 2011, and in that course of six months, I've learned and discovered a whole lot more about cosmetics, skin care and makeup.  Since I became a bit serious about all things makeup, I've discovered more and more brands and tools that helped pave the way to what I am now as a makeup addict.  Hence, let me share the rest of my discoveries.

This is gonna be a two (2) part series, and to start off, in random order, I present to you my "hits" for 2011.

1. Maybelline Lipsticks - For affordable and reasonable prices that can't be beat, and also very easily found everywhere, these moisturizing lipsticks pack a lot of oomph.  The colors go from the sheerest to the most pigmented, all without drying out the lips. Most of all, it's a 3-in-1 deal: a lip balm, lipgloss and lipstick. Check out my reviews of some of them here and here.

2. MAC Peachykeen blush -  This is so soft and buttery in texture.  I love bringing this in my official business trips, because I get that subtle cheek color in just one swipe.  Quick to use, easy for touch-ups, and color is very workable. Read here for my review.

3.  Charm Retractable Kabuki brush in Gold – For a cheap and local brand for makeup brushes, Charm hits the spot! I use a brush for my regular powder touch ups, and it took me awhile to find the perfect travel powder brush.  But having read reviews of this one, and having found it at Pure Beauty in Serendra,   I was convinced that this is the perfect brush to tote around. It’s so soft to the skin and packs enough product. I really like this brush.  ‘Nuff said.

4.  Revlon Matte Lipsticks – Matte lipsticks that pack a lot of color and is not drying at all on the lips, that’s Revlon for you.  This brand was also my first attempt for a “vampish” red lipstick, and it delivered really well.  Read my reviews of the two colors I have here and here.

5. Barbie Shimmer Powder in Pink Glam – For only PHP60.00, this loose powder blush that is originally meant for kids is a hit for me, too.  I love the shimmers and the color.  It may be messy but it is still a steal for me. Check out my rave for it here.

6.  Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss – Not only does this lip protection give me soft, moisturized lips for a day, it also gives me a hint of lip color.  Made of the most natural, healthy and safest ingredients, plus it’s 100% made in the Philippines, this is such a treat and a hit! Check out my raves here.

7.  NYX Runway Palettes  - Ok, I realize that for a product that I use so often, I haven’t actually made a real review for these lovely palettes.  I will do that, as soon as I can, promise! But anyways, these are really great value for money.  Very nice and mixable colors, pigmented, and utterly useful and appropriate for work.  I bring either one of these palettes in my work trips, because they fit my makeup kit easily.

8.  Ellana Mineral Makeup – My greatest discovery for the year – mineral makeup!  I’ve learned that there is makeup that wouldn’t break me out or make my skin horrible, but in the contrary, would protect it and make it even more radiant.  Read my take on mineral makeup here.

9.  ELF Two-Way Cake Powder Foundation – I trust and rely on this powder foundation during my work trips.  Another 3-in-1 product for me, I use it as foundation, concealer for my under eyes and touch-up powder.  With SPF 15, it also gives me added sun protection.  I already hit the pan and I will definitely purchase this again. 

10.  Eyebrowz in Medium Brown – I’ve found my HG makeup for doing my eyebrows.  I look like a freak whenever I go out of the house without doing my brows. I will surely get another one of this.   For my full review, read here

11.  Kokuryu Cake Foundation – For a cheap foundation, I never thought that this would actually do wonders on me.  I use this on days when I have important events or meetings to attend to and I cannot afford to touch-up all the time.  I have instant matte, oil-free and radiant skin. See here for my rave.

12.  Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus – My HG mascara. Period. I’ve found it, and won’t let go.  I will absolutely stick with this brand until I find the next best thing.  

Quite a long post, huh?  Watch out for Part 2, coming in a few! 
(By the way, have you tried any of these products, too? I'd love to hear your own raves and rants on them. )


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