Sunday, December 4, 2011

Review: NARS blush in Angelika


This is just a quick review, with loads of pictures uploaded, to feature my current favorite blush - NARS Blush in Angelika.  I know there are tons of blog reviews for this blush already, but just wanted to throw my own review out there.  So, let's get it on!


Place bought:  NARS counter, Rustan's, Gateway Mall

Price:  Php 1,450.00 ($25)
Packaging:  Comes in a box, with the distinctive NARS rubbery rectangle compact, that comes with a mirror inside.
Shade:  Angelika is described as a  "Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle".  It's indeed a bright pink color with cool undertones.

 A closer look:

left: no flash
right: with flash

no flash

with flash

1.  It's very pigmented indeed, like what they say about NARS blushes.  But because of the shade, I find it sheer enough to be buildable until I get the right kind of pink that I want.
2.  The glitters might be too scary in the pan, but upon application, they fall off from the face.  I have no problem with sparkles or shimmers on my face, but others might not like it.
3.  Because of the shimmers, I don't need a highlighter anymore for this blush.
4.  Staying power is great! I put this in the morning, and I still have cheek color by 7pm in the evening.  No touch ups required!
5.  The compact with the mirror is very handy and the size is just perfect for the makeup kit.

1.   Like what others have observed, I hate the rubbery packaging.  It accumulates so much dirt, and it's difficult to clean.
2.  A good blush brush is very essential for this, because application can be very tricky.
3.  It's quite expensive.


natural light

white light

This is my very first NARS blush, and with all the hype, I say I'm not really disappointed.  When I checked out the blushes in the counter, I was intrigued with the many shades, most especially -  Oasis, Mata Hari and Sin.  However, the most popular shade which was Orgasm didn't really appeal to me at all.  It didn't look inviting nor interesting in the pan, plus I found other dupes for it already.  Originally, I was looking for a bright pink blush, so when I saw Angelika, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.  After doing a swatch in the counter, I walked around the store first to check its color under different lighting.  I was a very satisfied customer so I just bought it on a whim.  I am very much satisfied with the color and how it looks on me.  But more importantly, I am very happy with the staying factor. As such, I now have other shades in my list.

The price is just something to ponder about, though.  It's very expensive for a blush.  But with the quality that one gets, and the amount of the product, I think it's also reasonable.  I can see myself using this everyday, if not for my other blushes.

Good job, NARS! I am definitely coming back for more!


  1. Its so sparkly and pretty in the pan. Love it on your cheeks too!

  2. The shade is simple yet pretty :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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