Friday, January 13, 2012

Gold Stars Nail Art & Review of Wish's Mini Nail Art Kit

Check this out:

Wish Nail Art Kit from Watson's

comes with a nail art glue, stick, nail file, and 6 different colored stones

Ain't it pretty? And cheap, too! I have this growing fascination for doing nail art recently. But since I'm still a newbie and would most likely let others do the art for me, I just try to do simple nail art designs.  When I spotted this nail art kit at Watson's the other day, it was so neat that I couldn't let go of it. Plus, it's only for 69PHP! It's a steal, indeed.

So I began using it, but since it's still work week, I decided to do something simple for the office.  Here's what I created:

So far, I still have most of the stars on my nails today. It's only been one day, but I already lost about 3 stars from my right hand, which goes to prove that I use my right hand more often, right?

Here are my initial thoughts on the nail art kit:
1.  The nail glue is difficult to open and dispense.  I didn't bother with it, so I just used clear nail polish to make the little gold stars stick to my nails.
2.  The nail file is decent enough to be used for quick shaping of nails, but it's only made of thick foam.  Better to use your good ol' sturdy nail file instead.
3.  The stick really comes in handy in placing those little things on the nails.
4. I like the variety of designs included in the kit. As of now, I could think of about 5 different designs that I wanted to create using them all.
5. It's cheap, so I have nothing more to complain about.

Well, that's about it. Friday is about to end, and weekend is here again! Enjoy your weekend, ladies!

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