Thursday, January 26, 2012

Haul: Revlon and Nyx

Yey! Another post for today.  Lately, I've been so busy. We finally moved into our new place, but we're still in the middle of our renovation, so all my stuff are all over my room.  I'm literally sleeping with boxes and bags of stuff beside me.  However, being a makeup addict that I am, I managed to pack my makeup and beauty stuff neatly into one pretty box.  During random trips for house stuffs to the mall and Eastwood, I also managed to score some new items for my collection.

Revlon's Liquid Lipstick (I forgot the shade name!), Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple, and new mascara from Revlon

new Nyx Round Lipsticks in Heather and Doll
' Been hearing lotsa good raves for Revlon's Lip Butters, so I got myself one shade.  I'm trying it out today, and so far, I'm enjoying the smooth texture on my lips.  The liquid lipstick, well, I read somewhere that it works more like a stain, so I wanted to try it out.  I haven't gotten around it yet, and haven't tried the mascara yet, too.  But I will let you know soon. 

Oh, here's some trivia: I happen to find out that Revlon's warehouse is just near my office, along Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension.  That was why I saw a sign for a Revlon Warehouse Sale around December last year. Too bad I wasn't able to pay a visit. But now that I know, I'll be watching out for the next sale soon.

As for the NYX lippies, I got them from a tiangge booth at Eastwood for only Php150.00 each! I could have gotten more shades, but I was out of cash already.  I'll probably visit again this weekend, which would be their last week.  They also sell some authentic Benefit items, with cheaper price tags.  Anyway, I was able to wear Heather yesterday at work. All I can say is "like, like, like!".  The color is so appropriate for the office, nothing too loud but nothing too plain either.

Well, that's about it for today. I still have lotsa reviews pending, but I'll get to them soon. Happy Thursday!

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  1. Woot, nice haul! I love it. Review the lip butter ha!


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