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Review: MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

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To begin my 2012 blogging, I present my first review for 2012.

posing right beside my milk chocolate almonds

The Ruby Woo....

the much-coveted, highly-raved, and almost always "out-of-stock" red lipstick from MAC - 

I've always scouted the MAC counters here in our malls whenever I had the time, only to find out that they still didn't have any stock of this lovely warm red retro matte lipstick.  So this was part of my "pasalubong" list that came with the other makeup gifts I got from the US.   I know there are already tons of reviews for this, but hey, I just still wanna share my short and quick review.

Place bought:  MAC store in the US. Also available locally in the PH in our own MAC stores.
Price:  $14.50 USD /  PHP 1,000.00 
Packaging:  Housed in the popular MAC lipstick tube.
Shade:  Ruby Woo is a retro matte lipstick in the shade of a yellow-toned warm red.

Let me show you more photos.

with flash

no flash

left - no flash
right - with flash

left - with flash
right - no flash

I love the color and the effect of this red lipstick on me. It suits my yellow-toned skin very well, making it appear not tacky on me.  It's an elegant red that is perfect to be worn during night outs or during formal events, without looking like a drag queen.  I'm loving the staying power, it lasted on me after a few drinks. Also, even if it's matte, it glides on smoothly on the lips. Very pigmented, too.

Because the texture is matte, it could be a bit drying on the lips, but dabbing on lip balm would serve to cure the dryness a bit.  Expensive, but still worth it.

Ruby Woo certainly didn't disappoint.  I kept on reading about it, learning that it suits the yellow Asian skintone very well.  It's indeed true - it's the best red lipstick so far for me. It flatters my overall look. In fact, I think I can even pull this off in the office.  This is a definite keeper on my stash.  I'll probably buy again, if ever I ran out.

Tip: Better to be worn with a lip liner underneath to prevent bleeding.  Also, be sure to moisturize lips very well before swiping to minimize the drying effect of the matte texture.

Here's a makeup look to show how it looked on me.  Because of the bold color of this lippie, Ruby Woo is best paired with neutral eye makeup.

Maybelline 8-in-1 BB Cream
ELF Two-Way Powder Foundation

Used the brown and neutral shades in my Coastal Scents palette
Fanny Seranno Long Wear Gel Liner in black
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus
Eyebrowz in brows

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Again, cheers for 2012!

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