Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Mark Dew Drenched Lipcolors

Hello, Saturday!  Finally, I got to sleep long hours - but of course, not without partying late last night. I got kinda drunk, but it was all good. It's been awhile. So anyways, for today's post, I'm doing a review of some of my new  lipsticks. For this post, let's put the focus on these little Mark lipsticks from Mark Girl Cosmetics.

Place bought:  n/a (I got these as gifts.)
Price: n/a
Packaging:  housed in a black, small and shiny lipstick tube. I have here a photo of them beside a regular MAC lipstick, for size reference.

Shade: I've got three (3) shades - (1) Ruby Glaze; (2) Toffee Caramel and (3) Skinny Dip Trempette

Let's see them one by one, shall we?

Ruby Glaze - This shade is like "bronzy brown", with small gold flecks in the tube.  When swatched or applied onto the lips. those tiny gold flecks really shows.  On my arm, it looks golden.

Skinny Dip Trempette - This shade is a creamy warm brown shade, with pink undertones.  Upon swatching, it glides on creamy but sheer, yet also gives off  that soft sheen. It's a bit pinkish upon closer look.

Toffee Caramel - This one is dark brown, with reddish undertones, with very tiny silver glitter or flecks in the tube.  Upon swatching or application, it also gives shimmer to the lips.

Here are swatches, for your appreciation:

no flash
from leftmost: Skinny Dip Trempette (SD), Toffee Caramel (TC), and Ruby Glaze (RG)

with flash

These lipsticks, even if they're small, packs on a BIG moisturizing impact.  There's no need for lip balms for these, as they also act like one.  They also smell minty upon application, which is a nice touch.  I love the small packaging, perfectly fits your smallest jean pocket. They also give off a great glossy finish.

The shades almost look the same, but they are also very sheer.  Although they work great as accent over lips to give that dewy look, I don't really like sheer lipsticks if they don't work to color my lips.  I wish there were more pigment in each of them.  

They are nice nudes with sheer effects.  But I still really prefer my lipsticks to have that touch of color, even if they are sheer.  But I think they can work as accents over more opaque-colored lipsticks.  I've tried them on top of my reddish lipsticks, and they work nice in giving off that glossy finish.  But on me, I can't really wear them alone, unless I'm sporting a dark eye makeup look.  Another downside is that, these aren't available in the PH.  But you may check Mark's website, to be able to checkout more products from this brand.

Well, that's it for today. See yah!


  1. They look more like lip glosses than lip sticks to me :) But how nice naman, it can be perfect for no makeup looks.


    Philippines Makeup Artist | YouTube

    1. yeah, but I do love the minty effect. :P


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