Thursday, February 9, 2012

Current fave

Hi there! I'm actually doing this quickpost, to try out the Blogger App on my new Ipod Touch (sweet!). And for today, I'd like to show my current HG touch up powder.

Yep, it's the most raved about MAC Blot, which I have in the medium/dark shade. It applies almost invisible onto the skin using my kabuki brush from Charm. Albeit too expensive for an everyday powder, it certainly lives up to all the hype.

I'm currently looking for a dupe for this, you know, something more affordable. It just hurts to shell out 1350PHP for a powder which I use everyday. I only had this for almost two months, but I already hit the pan.

Watch out for my more extensive review for this, which I'll have to do soon before I finish it up.

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  1. I rarely use my studio fix because it was such an expensive product!


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