Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Makeup Looks that blew me away from the Oscars

Hello, ladies!  Have you watched the Oscars? Sadly, I haven't yet.  Aside from the fact that we still haven't set up our TV set in our new place, I also didn't have the time.  But thank God for the power of the internet!  At least I got to click around and see the red carpet looks, which is what I'm usually watching out for during awards shows like the Oscars.

This time, let's do away with looking at their gowns, because as far as my taste goes, there was really nothing spectacular or simply nothing new to be seen.  It's like they've all already worn something like those kinds before.  So let me focus instead on the hair and makeup looks that the stars were wearing that night. 

I had my eyes stuck on these photos while I was browsing BellaSugar.

Let's see...

Angeline Jolie would forever be on my list.  For this year's Oscars, she did away with her usual nude lips and went full-on red.  I love her hair color, too and the texture.  Very summer-y with those beachy waves.

Ah...Ginnifer Goodwin showed up with something different.  Among the sea of winged liners and red lips, her makeup look was a refreshing change.  Maybe she's chanelling spring, but I do love those sparkly eyes in sea foam green and sparkly nude lips.  Her hair had some character, too.

Like Ginnifer, I also adore Kate Hudson's makeup look.  I love the eye makeup and the soft pink gloss on her lips.  Very ethereal. Her makeup artist sure knew how to highlight her cheeks with enough sheen and glow.

I love Katy Perry! And her style may be bold, but for me, it's bold without looking trashy. I like how she complemented her hair with her eye makeup.  And that lipstick, I love the shade!

Mara Rooney is so different from her sister.  She sure knows how to rock vintage makeup glam with those red lips and strong eyebrows.  I also like her hairstyle, the blunt-cut bangs made the look put-together.

I can't wait to watch Michelle Williams' portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.  I've read that she was really great at it.  But sporting a makeup look that is sweet and refreshing is very unlikely, because it was so different from her role for which she was nominated.  I love her pink lipstick.

Zhang Ziyi looks so sweet in her coral lips.  Only a few can pull-off red orange lips so nicely. Her glowing skin sure complemented her lip color, too.

What about you, what looks did you like from this year's Oscars?

*All photos grabbed from BellaSugar.


  1. Ginnifer Goodwin needs to learn how to smile!

  2. Wow, Ginnifer's makeup is a winner. I love it. Different, but not scary different.


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